Unusual brown leaves 21 days into flower


-Problem: unusual leaf browning 21 days into flower happening on middle of the shade leaves and around some of the bud sites. not from the bottom up or visa versa
-Medium/grow method: Coco coir (Moonshine brand) mixed with perlite
-Feed and supplements used: Fox farms tiger bloom 4 teaspoons per gallon along with 1 teaspoon of CalMag.
-Water source: PH in 6.5-7 PH runoff 6-6.5 Colorado Well Water

-Strain and age 90 day old plants hybrids
-Climate: greenhouse grown 68-88F temps with 40-70% humidity


mold ? NO --being that is’'s only in the middle of plant - enviromental ? do you move the plants ? - generally “clawing” is a cal-mag issue which the whole plant would indicate - Heat intensity ? back off on nutrients and just water for a few days to see if it increases


Its coming from inside the leaves. We rotate the plants but only 2/4 are effected. I will check the temp log for the past few days. We started a flush and will continue to watch. thanks man


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster can you guys help out


I’m a soil guy @Donaldj could possibly take a poke at it :face_with_monocle:


You have a pH problem. In coco, best bet is at 5.8 good luck


That pH is great for soil, but not coco.


Im a soil guy as well but agree the ph appers to be too high for coco
Im do not use coco tho
Let me tag in @Myfriendis410 hes a coco grower


but still mentioned all issues will affect the whole plant not 1/3 of it – flush


If you look at the picture it looks like its effecting more than a 1/3 of the plant a flush with proper ph water wouldnt hurt tho imo
But i would like to know ppm of run off before suggesting a flush


@abominableSCOTT, you may also want to run a flush through there as well. Foxfarms is notorious for salt buid up. I believe they also recommend a couple flushes actually. You should also flush right at the flip to flower to get that build up of grow nutes out


Thanks. We did a flush that’s why she looks a little droopy. It’s softened well water which may be compounding the salt issue. This is our first grow… So thanks for all the help


I have really hard well water myself and have never had a problem with it. I use General Hydroponics Flora trio and run a flush halfway through vegg ( I vegg for 2-2.5 month) at the flip to 12/12 halfway through flower, then strictly water last two weeks


I would take the time to ph to 5.5 to 5.8 to make nutrient uptake improve. Remember that in mediums a deficiency can look like an excess. TDS of Tiger Bloom may be high too. Do you know the hardness of your well water?


Using water run through a softener is definitely not preferable for growing cannabis. Do you have a way to bypass your softener? I have hard well water, no softener, but I use a very inexpensive r/o filter.


Thanks guys, no we havent tested the water hardness Its on the todo list now. We are also going to pick up a ppm meter and test that too. My dad is checking to see if he can run a bypass around the softner. I appreciate the assit guys.


You might have to do what I did and install R/O water for my plants.