Unsure of what happened

A question from a fellow grower:

I don’t know If replying to this will do me any good since it is a newsletter that I like :wink:

However I bought a couple of your ak47, which has been doing so awesome (my first grow) the only perimeter I have not started to test and look at is the PH lvls, planning to start that on my second grow.

I have found that I have some leaves that has started to look a bit stranger they are as far as I can tell showing signs of what you are showing in this article: http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/marijuana-nutrient-deficiency-manganese/
Since this is my first time ever I’m unsure if it is so or if it’s just because of it getting slightly burnt from the lamp growing in 4040120cm tent with 150w hps, intake fan for fresh air and 3 different fans for making sure that there is an airflow. Also I’m growing it in a manner of scrog/lst, and I have cleared all leaves and flowers that popped up under the canopy so I can’t tell if any defects are on the lower leafs. I have found my strange leaves that looks like what you describe in the article but ofc unsure if It has happened to my baby.

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looks like you are in late flower and should be starting a flush very soon - so no worries

They look quite happy. I don’t see many other leaves doing that. At this stage you could snip those out of there and she wouldn’t mind. Do you know how many weeks she has been in flower ?

Hi, and thanks for the reply!
The seed I am using: Roberts feminized AK47 strain.
Germinated like a boss and has been both supercropped, lst, broken the stems for it to evolve knuckles for better transport of the nutrients and everything has looked super untill those leaves that scared the shit out of me.

She is in day 30 of her flowering period (started 12/12 the 23/4), which would be around week 5 (gave her a big feeding tuesday this week), and according to the info about the flowering period Average (64 days) according to the site.

I’m growing in soil and am using Goldlabel nutrients Soil A & B, Roots (not any more), Ultra MG and Ultra PK, according to their schedule I should flush in about week 10 but ofc I will look at my tricombes to be ablo to harvest when it is ripe.
ATM: this is the ratios: Soil A + B 2ml, Ultra MG 0.5ml and Ultra PK 0.5 ml

Very happy that you guys are telling me it is not a deficiency but just the normal yellowing of the leaves, but to me it looked very similar to the article from Robert about Manganese deficiency.

So when you guys/girls are telling me that I should be flushing soon, as a beginner I think I have understood how to do it and am I right If I would say that to flush I can just use normal water and water it trough and let it drain properly and then flush again and let water run of and the flush again or am I misunderstanding the general idea of it.
As said I have not on my first grow had anything to measure or calibrate the PH of my soil.

Thanks for the replies and I hope for some more good answers to my questions and thoughts.

Again thanks for making me feel a bit calmer, I thought I had goofed it properly,

Basically flushing is feeding with h20 only, no nutrients for the last couple weeks. This allows the plant to use/flush any existing nutes in her system. My understanding is this allows for a smoother, better tasting smoke. Welcome to ILGM and looks good for a 1st grow. I just wrapped up my first attempt and while it went well I learned a lot of what works and more importantly what doesn’t.

Ok, not to argue against what your are saying since it very much makes sense and this is as said my first ever growing anything attempt.
However the schedule I am following says that I will be feeding her until week 9 and flush her at week 10, what I’m thinking is that flushing now and to have 30 days with just the nutes as you say that are left in her and medium will be “enough” to give the result one desires, ofc I will flush maybe do so week 9 and 10?

And I agree that you learn alot about what not to do, though so far this has been my only issue, and it seem to not be anything wrong so I am very happy.

No worries or offense taken. You can ask 5 people a question and get 5 answers. Folks I’ve talked to say 10 to 14 day flush is the norm. Some don’t flush at all, some go a week. My philosophy is do what works for you and/or what has a proven track record from those with more experience.
Happy growing!