Unsure if this is BUD ROT :(

Hey all,
So I’m cutting down a few plants this weekend, and I’m running into a lot of buds with, what looks like the very beginnings of bud rot. When I trim I always use my scissors to open up the buds to check for random shit I don’t want to smoke.

So like I said I’m chopping nice fat colas down and they are full of this ^ brown discoloration through out the majority of the bud. Bud rot, yeah, or nah?
Thanks for the insight!

Kinda looks like it. Do the brown spots seem mushy or smell kinda rotten?

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@dbrn32, I know what bud rot looks and feels like when it’s rotting a normal size area. But I can’t tell here. It’s like individual resin glands.
Is there anything I can do with this? If not I fear the whole plant is basically trash.

Peel the parts you feel maybe bad out and use the Cervantes washing method on remainder.