Unsure if my seeds will grow

Hopefully this is the right category, but here it goes. Picked up some strawberry kush seeds and put them in some damp paper towels between two plates after they had sat in water for 24 hours. Within a day or two, I noticed tap roots on a couple of the seeds, so I watered them before work. When I got home the towels were bone-dry, so I quickly replenished the water supply. The tap roots looked slightly withered, so I was worried. Now, a couple days later they look better, but I wanted a second opinion on if these will thrive in soil or not.

You should be fine buddy

I would agree. If unsure, plant them anyway and drop some more. Unless your space is limited, but I still agree those should recover.

Do you think the withered tap roots will recover?

It should be fine it looks good

Your good buddy I do clones an everything without gels or powders so I would say it’s all good buddy cannabis is hard to kill for the most part

No disrespect… But I would stop talking about It and place that seedling into soil or
your not going to have anything to talk about



Agreed Lil over the top but point on

If the seeds have died they will not recover.

Try this next time:

take two small saucers, rip a paper towel in half, folded lengthwise to about an inch wide, drape it across the bottom saucer with each end hanging down into the water of a heated, domed propagation tray, it becomes a wick

rip another paper towel to fit completely inside the bottom saucer on top of the wick

spray that whole thing & put seeds in, place the other piece of paper towel on top, spray that wet too, not to the point where the sauces flooded just saturated

then put the top saucer on. now these saucers are sitting in a propagation mat with about a quarter inch of water. it’s called a passive Wick system the water goes up the folded paper towel into the saucers and it will never dry out as long as there’s water in the propagation tray
-good luck

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