Unsure if I should transplant now?

looks like you already did…


It’s pretty small for transplanting but since it’s growing in with other plants I’m going to say yeah you probably should. Try to take the soil a few inches around the plant and at least 4 inches deep to try not to disturb it too much, and put right into the pot or grow bag you plan to use.

@Dl952 Sweet thank you! I’ve got a heap of seeds and threw a few around my veggie patch for the hell of it because it’s winter here on the GC, not really the ideal season to start a proper outdoor grow and yeah this one popped up :sweat_smile:
It’s in my tomato and chives planter box.

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Hahaha yeah but it’s in my tomato and chive planter box :joy:

Lol yeah it’s going to start growing fast though so you want to make sure the roots have plenty of room to grow, and you don’t want the roots getting mixed up with your other plants if you can avoid it

Okay it’s done, fingers crossed it’ll be fine!
Is there anything I should do to it now? Or just leave it be? @Dl952

Looks good it’s still standing up straight, you should be good in that pot for a few weeks at least. Outdoor plants can get very big so once it starts getting about a foot tall you will probably want to transplant again into at least a 10 gallon pot to make sure it doesn’t get root bound and can reach its full potential

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So I’ve got an update for this thread, the original plant :seedling: didn’t make it :cry: But since then, I’ve got seedlings growing in random places lol (remember I threw a few seeds around my place due to it being winter here in Oz) Im gonna post some pics and any tips or advice would be great :call_me_hand:t3:

This one is growing in my lemon tree pot lol

This is one I transplanted from the chive garden

Same with this one

This one I think is a clone because last year I had harvested from a plant in that same spot and left the main stalk and root system intact

Another 2 in the chive and chilli planter box

The last one, in with the cos lettuce lol

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