Unsulfured Molasses for Larger Buds

I’m looking for information on using unsulfured molasses for larger buds during flowering. How much, when and how long?

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From my understanding you can feed molasses anytime. It feeds the microbes in the soil which in turn break down nutrients to be used by the plant. I feed it through the whole grow cycle not just flower. I use 1 tablespoon per gallon every 2 weeks.


In flowering I used to give molasses every watering at 1-2 tablespoons per gallon. Can start anytime, don’t need to wait til flowering, in veg I used it weekly at 1 tablespoon per gal.

Easier to mix up if you add it to a cup of warm water first, mix that up and then add to your other water/nutes.


I used molasses right through to the of flowering

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How do you manage it with other fertilizers?


Molasses is carbohydrate, its main purpose is to keep your microorganisms active. You can use anytime from start to finish. I have heard of using in excess could potentially attract bugs.


Jesus every watering huh I thought I mightve been being excessive giving them 1 TBSP once a week all the way through , definitely gonna try going heavier this grow( molasses is also a good source of potassium, calcium, and iron )


See i grow organically so i dont have to worried about that

Love the stuff all through growth.

I’ve been mixing a gallon separately and top feeding. So you can mix the molasses 1st then Jacks 321 in one nutrient solution? I feed Recharge and Mykos as a top feed and have stopped the molasses seeing as Recharge has it. Suggestions??


I used it for base of teas and brews it’s a great product.

I did

1.5 oz black strap molasses
15ml gh micro
/gal water, then let sit a day or two with an air pump. Once the top of the water starts to froth up you know it’s ready

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I wouldn’t totally cut out the molasses. Keep the molasses for daily or every other day feeds and do the recharge 1 or 2 times weekly. When I do recharge anymore I just need day or morning then I mix recharge up half way thru the day and give them like half to three quarters gallon of recharge water. Speaking of it has been like a week and a half since last recharge on the plants going now lol. Gotta go grab some tribus. Recharge and some more coco today is gonna be a busy day of supporting 5 that never got done yet and gotta feed all today then finish trimming the runtz plants for jars as of now they r dried and in a five gallon buckets covered to keep them from drying too fast. Opening them buckets smell of heaven lol

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Appreciate that Mark, sounds like you’ve got. Jam packed day :love_you_gesture:

My heavy feed day I do once a week is jacks 321 molasses ,mr fulvic, Zeus juice( kelp and humic ), and silica , my banana blaze LOVED that formula ,almost no leaves died or yellowed until I cut her off to flush her.( p.s. she ended up yielding 18 ounces my best auto yet)


All in the same solution mix? I top feed the mykos, fulvic and recharge but would rather feed all in one. I run auto pots and it would be much easier to mix all in the reservoir, gets a little dirty and no issues with dissolving the MYKOS, it’s the WP formula versus dry amending type. Thanks for the info :love_you_gesture:

Yup all mixed in a solo cup then poured back into the gallon , if you re doing reservoir I wouldn’t use Zeus juice ( the kelp can be pretty messy) but everything else should be reservoir friendly

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Greatly appreciate that info :love_you_gesture:

I do 25-30ml per 5 gal nutrient mix. Last time I didn’t flush and mix with molasses but I was told it wouldn’t hurt anything any thoughts on that?

I think you can. I always added last, but I don’t think molasses will react with anything in there.


I top water my Tribus, molasses, fulvic etc for three reasons:
1: I have pets and I treat them to treats when they are good, and since plants dont sh!t on the carpet they’re always good til they start wearing their brothers underpants.
2: Keep the rez as clear & clean as possible, trying to slow the natural PH swings by sugars fermenting or breaking down via microbial activity or general precip.
3: I don’t want to count on capillary action to distribute said “goodies” against Mr. Newton’s gravity/upward into my medium. So in theory and practice a nice even top water = will evenly and effectively distribute more thoroughly.

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