Unreliable online seed suppliers!


Cheers bro that means a lot


They were for awhile but they had a falling out I believe. But I always had 100% germination with AMS seeds and delivery.


At last i got a reply from Seedsman, they are investigating why i didnt get a reply to like half a dozen messages!! They have decided to reship my order with tracking, so hopefully i will get my Gelat.OG and black sugar seeds eventually.
I really wanted them to come good as i am after the Bruce Banner strains they have.
thanks for the input everyone it really helps.
As for AMS dont bother they have gone from bad to worse never again.
@garrigan65 @Kiwiknight @Sth61The420State @Familyman @neckNflu


I like Seedsman. There freebies have all sprouted and growing.


Great news @blackthumbbetty @Kiwiknight @garrigan65 @Sth61The420State @Ausgrow @MattyBear @dbrn32 my seeds arrived so they upgraded my order from 3 Gelat og to 5, the freebies where upgraded also :+1: 3 Northern soul and 5 skywalker cookies, anyone know about these strains? Only took two weeks from spain to Australia pretty good.



Good for you my friend. Now let’s see what you can do with them …. I’ll be watching 1


What strains did you get mate?


Will do my best with them, just in week 4 of flower with my others, so wont be long till the next grow :grin:


Just ordered the strain i have been after for a while, the original Bruce Banner regular seed by Darkhorse genetics. @Kiwiknight @Familyman @Sth61The420State @blackthumbbetty @neckNflu @dbrn32 @MattyBear @DoobieNoobie will tag you all in on the grow when it happens, not been this exited since my divorce :star_struck:


This is the original cross that created Bruce Banner. Same female. Same male. The outstanding BB3 and BB5 phenos were found in less than a dozen of these seeds. Now the legendary seeds are finally unleashed on the public.


Sounds good! Definitely tag me when you do