Unreliable online seed suppliers!


Prior to finding this great site, i purchased or attempted to purchase seeds from other online seedbanks with very ordinary results, can i name them here without the online links? just dont want any members here going down the same track as i did.
Note :- i have no affiliation with ILGM and have not purchased from them as yet, but have a very long wish list.

happiness from down under :kangaroo:


I order my seeds from ilgm. I don’t even get clones from the dispensary anymore. I’m seeing ilgm genetics for the first time on my own grow and they look great. But what else had sold me was their customer service and the trustworthiness of their company. Every time I order I actually send cash! I know… i know… I thought it was crazy to even try once. But I’ve done it around four times I think?! Nothing but great results. Great company great people and this is even a great forum. They have my business. Happy growing all.
PS my wish list is ridiculous hahaha I want to try just about everything they have to offer.


Hey there " Good you started your own threat " I can move those post over to here so that it’s not off topic there ?

And while i’m here I want to welcome you and with that " WELCOME HUNGRYBUD " To IL

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yes do what you deem necessary for moving posts, this is not my first time on the forum and not my first thread! i stated that i would not provide the links! just wanted other members not to suffer what i have, but if its not wanted i will leave it be,Just trying to protect other forum members from unreliable seedbanks.
I am assuming you mean Thread and not threat :wink:


Yes that must have been a type’o my friend. And yes the members need to know about all that’s bad but you can’t post links but apparently I didn’t see that you had said that you wouldn’t post links . For that Im am sorry. I was very busy covering 3 forums and trying to get my truck fixed all day, but any way all is good I’ll move them post later I really don’t think there is that much of a rush on it… lol

The boss wrote the rules and I and all of us have to follow them. As far as moving the posts I just thought it would be the Wright thing out of respect that’s all.


Totally agree…hope you got your truck fixed :truck:
I will keep it short as possible, @dbrn32 @neckNflu @DoobieNoobie @blackthumbbetty @Ausgrow @MattyBear @Kiwiknight @Sth61The420State @Familyman @raustin i would not advise to purchase from AMS after my past experiences please advise others of my rating if it comes up in conversation as the time frustration and money wasted and still not recieved all my seeds.
BUT if you want to know more details feel free to ask :wink:
Just started reading Jorge Cervantes the cannabis encyclopedia, great read.


I’ve never had an issue, myself. Thanks for tagging me, though.


Seedsman still have my money …no seeds and they will not reply to email messages. Yet to try here but going off the feedback ILGM sound solid.


I’ve placed 4 orders w/o issue, myself.


To seedsman or ILGM ?


Seedsman. Never ordered from ilgm, myself, except for joining the paid forum.


I have to say they have a great range, got my first order but had seeds missing so they gave me loyalty points for the missing seeds, but when i used my loyalty points and money for the next order it didnt arrive, so i asked about same and got no reply been 4 emails now with no reply. But i am glad your experience was good.


I tried to order seeds at sensi seeds but found out they wouldn’t send to nz, but they would send to Aussie , wtf?? But hey I’m glad that’s the way as I wouldn’t of found ilgm


ILGM is awesome. Always got my stuff and In a timely manner.


Hey @Hungrybud , thanks for the heads up mate. Think I will stick to buying seeds from this site for now given I got them in 2 weeks and that their doing quite well.
I saw after a quick search that this site is supposedly a sister site to AMS, or so AMS reckons.
Anyway mate thanks again and keep cool. 40°+ this way today.


Hey @Kiwiknight , if you really want to order seeds from a supplier that won’t ship to NZ I’m happy to reship for you from Aus if that helps you.


I’m more then happy with ilgm :yum:



Funny that you mention Ams. I started with them years ago and it seems like I just melted wright into ILGM from there…lol


Yeah likewise mate. But if you really need something reshipped im happy to do it as I’ve been in a similar situation in the past with something that was much needed. Seems silly that they would ship to Aus but not NZ.


I’d say it would be likely their loss.
And are they really a sister site or is that BS.