Unquestionably i am THE most stupid person on this site bar none

since 12-1-20, i thought i was using auto grow white widow fems… but no, i did not order autos. i ordered ww fems photo …doh. i guess i should switch to 12/12 and flowering nutes…is there an award for dumb… i ordered another tent 4x4x6 vs the 2.3x2.3x5… willl put up today. is there a consensus of the 12 hour on period in the 24 hour day? am in the 9th week since seedling. thx, cocomm4


Many people flip at 8 - 10 weeks, but what really matters is the maturity of the plant, how much space you have, how much yield you want, etc. I have flipped as early a 6 weeks and as late as 12 weeks.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. All of us make similar mistakes at times.

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i have 3 ww in 5 gallon cloth pots that are within 1’ of the 2x2x5 tent top, barely room for lites and wall to wall full. thx for the reply. will now flip at beginning of 10 week to give everything a few days to settle in.

one last thing, should i top them to stop vertical growth and double colas?

It won’t stop vertical growth when you top, but it does help manage overall size. Keep in mind that a photo will quickly grow another 30 to 50% the first few weeks after the flip. Some plants can grow much more than the 30 to 50% during the “stretch.”

heck, new tent gives me nearly 2 extra feet so i’ll flip right away. bought additional hlg 100watt lite awaiting a rheostat to limit output, already have a mars hydro ts1000 both will have driver outside the tent to aid with lower temps. it is my 1st grow and a steep learning curve even with the great help here. cocomm4

Supergropping and scrog before flower might work.
You can check out @AfgVet suppercropping work and grow at Retirement Countdown Grow
This little gal was topped then suppercropped (I was experimenting)


that looks good. new colas just starting to poke out. just got the new tent up and may be ok… may have to adjust lite hangers a bit- the drivers are outside the tent and you can out your hand on top of the lites. just a bit disappointed with myself for taking 9 weeks to figure out i didn’t have autos…ooops…lol

So for growing photos you can control how tall they get?? For those like me whom have no clue about last and other techniques. I just let them grow as they would but fear the height.

i’m sorry that i dont really know for sure. that said on outdoor house plants, topping will make them bushy out, cocomm4

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Yeah with training you can make photos into almost any shape you want because you can just add time before flower to let them recover if you mess up. They won’t flower until you tell them to, there are obviously some limitations to what you can do

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@Dr.ofSmokology there’s a bunch of different training methods in the ilgm guides, Plus right here on the forum you can search different techniques and there’s alot of good tutorials/journals. Of course you can Google training cannabis and even on YouTube there’s a ton of videos on training. Autos are nice because they will finish faster but are very limited to what can be done with them without risking a tiny plant


thanks. i went ahead and flipped, they were ready i think. i may try some lst, but prolly just raise the lites. with the drivers out of the tent you can place your hand directly on top of them. will get rid of the pulley’s for an extra few inches. it is totally dark in the room and tent. next grow will use 3 gallon pots with autos. wont make that mistake again. again thanks, cocomm4

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I am right with you my first order was supposed to be wwauto also but I ordered fem same as you I emailed ilgm and they confirmed I was intoxicated but. Still so I flipped at 12 weeks the weed was great practice and patience you’ll get knowledge just keep reading and growing this was like. 11 grows ago good luck and happy growing :sunglasses:

I prefer letting my photos to veg atleast 8 weeks to handle bigger, heavier yields. If you don’t learn from your mistakes then I might agree with you but still doubtful. I feel the more mistakes you make really aid your future grows. Even wisemen were once fools :crazy_face:
Ask away this is a great place to grow your growing skills.


Most people have this misconception that autos are “easier” …infact there more better suited to a grower with a few grows under there belt because starting an auto every mistake is a countdown from your end product ever mistake is a check against you… apposed to photos you can make a mistake … might take a lil time to recovery but ultimately you have the ability to correct and enter flower at 100%… autos your entering flower with check Mark’s against that 100 because they are on a timer and when they flower… they flower you dont wanna have made any mistakes as your plant will be more and more dissapointing every time u stunt it


thanks to everyone for the encouragement. now fine tuning bigger grow tent. i didnt realize (or forgot, all efforts on autos) you could force flowering in photos. this is great news as that will control height pre-pre flower. always a silver lining if you look hard enuff. switched off to peters 20-20-20, 1/2 tsp/ gallon. always worked way back when and noticed several posters say 20-20-20.will switch to peters flower mix when i see more pistles. RO was a great investment for me as my texas tough hard water ran ec550 , now, less than 35.just use calmg plus and hydroguard with my ph’ed water for watering and before adding nutes. i AM on a mission and will get this right especially with the great help here. thanks to all and the many grow journals. cocomm4


That’s the spirit

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I feel the same. Like I’m always asking dumb questions. @ Hellraiser can help.