Unpredicted Weather

A costumer has a question or concerns and i hope we can get some opinions on it. Thanks!

“I’m growing outdoors and it’s starting to rain lightly and sunny for a couple days and then some big heavy rain for a week and I know it will destroy my 2 plants! I can put them in the garage but I only have access to a regular 40 watt light bulb? What do i do?”

Leave them outdoors! They are weeds they can handle it! :grinning::+1::v::palm_tree:

They get more light on a cloudy rainy day than they would from a 40 watt bulb in the garage!

How far into flower are you ? If your buds are really dense I would consider covering them out side with a tarp, patio umbrella or something …really dense buds will mold FAST if continually wet/ damp,I just has the same weather with tropical storm Jose and developed bud rot on several of my ladies that were very far along, if they get wet try and dry them as quick as you can and keep the air moving if possible
If you are just starting to flower and buds are not dense a little rain should not hurt them