Unlabeled plants

I mixed blue haze and blue cheese tags up now I don’t know which is which. Is there a way to tell while they are in veg? will it matter in the end?

No sure way in veg unless you know the growing patterns of both genes and after flower it could either be blatantly obvious which one is which or it won’t be depends on phenos and all that if you have 2 good pheno that carry good traits of the strains you are growing you will beable to tell at the end by terpenes and effects

Thanks for your help. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. It might get weird since I’m scrogging

I had the same issue earlier this year. I had an Alaska purple and a blueberry and I culled one of them (hermie) and failed to keep track. The product is dried and cured now and I still have no idea which was which.

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You should be able to figure it out. The Blue Cheese always grows foxtails in flower and it smells like straight cheese. The Blue Haze smells like sweet berry’s. The Blue Haze should have smaller leaves 9verall. Im trying to get veg pictures of both to see the difference I have grown them both.


I also agree by smelling terpenes, should be able to figure it out.

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The Haze may also produce a looser flower than the Blue Cheese. Then again it may not.


yea the blues are bushy but I tell from the leaves I got blue dream haze n cheese in there n they all look different in leaf patterns.

can you explain about the leaf patterns? I don’t see much difference in this picture