Unknown Variety help

Found some seeds a while back and decided to shed some light and see what happens. Two types, both unknown. Getting close to harvest! No smell from either plant. Thoughts?


Thank you!

Welcome. Looking good! If outside probably got 4-6 weeks left.

Thank you, Yes. Outside. I suppose I will need to wait until I see a little more color and smell to help determine variety.

There are thousands of strains of cannabis nowadays. It would be really difficult to determine strain because so many hybrids look similar and you can have 2 completely different looking plants from seeds out of the same mother plant


Very true, hadn’t thought about that. Thanks


I have an “unknown” species outside this year too :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum community. Happy growing


All of mine are unknown! Won’t make that mistake again! Biggest One turned male yesterday, two was told white widow? 10-12 ft.
6 more I have know idea.

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well, i had some blue dream bag seeds also and of 21 of those only 2 were males (not bad ratio at all :slight_smile: ). So far, those have been the only gender confused individuals planted for me this year :slight_smile: (gender confused as far as recognizing which i’ll ALLOW to cohabitate here :smiley: )