Unknown Seeds is this normal

The nightmare you experience for seed recovery (destroying or fingering good buds for seed recovery) weighs heavily but is rewarding. CLONE and go for some seeds. I shortened my first grow due to environmental and health constraints. Recovering 50+ seeds and have 6 seeds in dirt. 2 males have developed and are outside, as outside has some females about to flower. Patience is hard for some stages.

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Nope. CloneX gel is good; aloe gel is good - but neither is actually required.

Not that I’m aware of - @Nicky may know more about that.


Yes it’s available for 400$ per sample…
They will shotgun DNA sample it and sequence it, compare it to the current database (small) and I think if it’s not available they don’t make you pay full price because they are trying to build a massive database.

The tech is to space, money and time consuming for us to do it on a bench in our grow rooms with our laptops… But it’s going to get there and once it’s viable I’ll be all over it and I’ll test every ones for free to build my own database.
I could probably afford to build a lab but I lack the space until I buy a single detach house in a year or two… Also don’t have a home every night job yet.

So that’s where we stand.


Wow you know your stuff thanks I don’t know if you know I have two plants from seed but my friend didn’t know what they were turns out in the 5 th week of flower they are nice but like I said ?

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Thanks, it’s a passion of mine =p but many know alot more than me unfortunately I still have a day job… For now lol.

Names are just names, most DNA sequencing has shown slight differences in some areas but for the most part these poly hybrids that produce nice buds are mostly the same. Although small alterations in DNA can mean major changes.

I have a wicked 4 jars of buds I forgot to label so I just labled them with a question mark. No one seems to care lol

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Good smoke needs no name.

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Can a grower (non-commercial) submit a sample and respectfully decline results documentation so no fee is charged? Interested in process but fee required is beyond budget. Willing to contribute plant material for DNA data building. Just asking, for a friend.

@Storm [quote=“Storm, post:15, topic:91119”]
Cloning in flower can take a bit of time but worth it I think

Six inches in height, currently. Cutting was trim material removed while shaping mother, suspected WW.
Also have 3 clones from ILGM SSHF seed. The remaining two clones are from somebody but severly mishapen (freaks?)