Unknown seeds ?c99, Guava?

So im a complete newb, and got some seeds from at mate.
Looked then up online (dont know if they r c99,guava or what) and am unsure if i should put my time into them.
Iv put a lot of $, time and research into my set up and want to make it worth while.

Any help would be appreciated

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Good stuff. Welcome to the ILGM forum.

Start a grow journal and there will be a lot of good growers to help you along the way. Tell us about your setup and Iā€™m sure people will be happy to make suggestions.

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Thanks 4 the suggestion but im not ready 2 throw myself into starting a grow log.
Still sketch/ figuring out this dark web stuff.
Kinda curious about what iv got.
Thanks again

Dark web? Hell i got the phone app. Please elaborate.

First and one of the most over look things would say that I wish I got was try you best to start with good genictis. The time and money you spent already more so the time will be increased even more now so I would suggest try your hardest to get good genictis.

I only look up weed related stuff in a private browser (tor) in the hopes my activity isnt traceable

I see, im in US, and if they are willing to put all that time and money into, what is a misdemeanor where im at, more power to them. The optics of dragging a 55yo veteran of 3 wars in front of a jury because he chose to grow a plant, that keeps his ptsd in check, allows him to sleep, and generaly makes him a more pleasant person will not be good. Im treating an illness no different than a headache without drugs(mood stabilizers).

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