Unknown seed - when to flip the lights?

Hey All,

I have an unknown seed a buddy of mine dropped in a pot when visiting that sprouted. Plants doing great, but I’m in the dark about veg times or when to flower. The only indicator of strain was an LK written on the bag. doubt it was Lemon Kush as there was no lemony fragrance. lol
As I mentioned, it’s growing really well. It’s in it’s forever pot, one of those airpots. Foxfarm dirt and the nutrient trio along with some of the other dirty dozen nutes.
My question is… Since I don’t know much about the strain, I don’t know what to expect for flowering or how long to leave in veg state. I am seeing the branches forming from pairs of leaves on to staggering so that’s one indicator the plant is maturing, but is there any other indicator to be aware of that shows a good time to flip to 12/12 or is that more of an arbitrary thing having more to do with tent size and yield expectations? Whatever this strain is, I think it’s going to make one fine plant when it’s set to flower. Maybe one of you can check the pics and give me some idea what to expect. Seed sprouted on 9/5/19 and went into the pot to veg 9/22/19. I read a thread here about 6-2 lighting so I decided to run with that. Happy to say I think it’s going pretty well. My tent is a 5X5X8, 600 watt MH and a QB550 LED light at around 50% power. I have plenty of room to go up and the plant is only about a foot tall all tied down at the moment. I’m thinking I should have another month to veg at least, Maybe two before flipping the lights. sound about right? I’v also got two white Widow Autos in there that sprouted 9/24/19. Thinking tthey can just come along for the ride since they are as dependent on the light schedule. Anyway… I’m up for any opinions on when might be a good time to flip to flower. If you have any clue what the LK written on the bag was, i’d like to hear it too!

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I wouldn’t flip it based on size of plant desired. Any time after about 4-5 weeks is fine, it should be mature enough to flower after that.

My biggest concern would be tying up a lot of veg time into what could possibly be a male plant.

Yeah, That would suck for sure. I’m limited in my experience, but I’m relatively certain this is a lady. Aren’t these lady bits?

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That final photo looks like they could be pistils.

Im with DB tho. Strain type doesnt tell you when to flip… whenever she’s mature u can. Or u can wait til she’s around half ur desired total size then flip lights. Healthy looking plant btw

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This plant actually got me going with the indoor grow idea. I moved to my current location back in March of this year and had two successful Northern Lights auto grows, but the yield wasn’t what I had hoped. A friend of mine was over, we were smoking and he found a seed in the bag we had then so he stuck it in one of the harvested Northern Lights pots. I’ll be darned if it didn’t sprout, so I decided if it took off, I’d get a tent and grow it over the winter indoors. Once the tent was on it’s way, I also sprouted two White Widow autos thinking they can grow alongside this one. Figured since they don’t rely on lighting schedules so much, they can do their thing while this one does it’s thing. My friend says he can identify seeds by their appearance, so that’s one reason I’m doing this also, but I certainly hope it turns out female. I think it will. It’s looking more that way each day. Hope to have definitive evidence soon. I really like the autos, but haven’t gotten much in terms of yield from the small and limited experience I have. I figure this is where a photo plant shines. That’s the main reason I’m keeping it going as long as it continues to appear female. I do have a nice stash of ILGM seeds in line once these plants are done. Some feminized, some more autos. The unknown seed is really what started the whole tent thing and my finding this forum. I built a grow box about 20 years ago with mild success, but it was small and the lighting not so good. This time around, I had the where-with-all to do it much better, so here I am. The main driver for growing is my weed supply vanished when I moved here. I have the time, the place, and the ability to grow my own now and dramatically lower the costs not to mention remove the dependency on a supplier, so I am doing that. I really like the idea of weed independence. There’s also something to being self sufficient. Thanks for the comments. Plant seems to be kicking butt. It’s got new growth and fresh bud sites appearing almost daily. Hoping it will pay off nicely with a much larger yield than the autos I’ve grown so far. Each grow has gotten better, so as long as the sex is female, I think this one will be the best I’ve done so far. That is, until I get going with the ILGM seeds once this is done.