Unknown seed from ilgm can anyone identity

Hi all members peace and thanks for cannabis and cool people.my problem is a seed packet arrived and started to germinate. .i have a air con tent so growing year round .no problem .im in coco coir at ph run off 5.7 no feeding at the moment. They are in there on grow germinate tent with 2x55 watt fluros.ec 0.2 but i nust purchased water filter. .my main tent is 1x1x2 .400watt hp and 135 cfl. Im for the first time doing dwc 5 gallon buckets (3)
Using genral hydroponics . My question is i ordered golden leaf (fantastic ) but i think a seed jumped ship to oz .can anyone tell me what type and name of photo

1st photo is the question its 3 weeks older and half the tallest 2nd photo golden leaf . Very happy with the pommy stow away ( were use to it now lol).
Are they to small to tell ? All help much appreciated :blush:


I would have a better guess if it was at the end of the plants life and I could see, taste, and smell the weed. Even then I would be hard pressed to guess the right strain. To guess a seedlings strain based on a pic is Pretty much impossible, at least it is in my eyes. It might be an extra gold leaf in there if that’s what you ordered

Thank you t tub willy . Yeah i thought it might be hard . Well at least it will be exciting to find out

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No… sorry… no way to tell… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses: