Unknown problem outdoor

Not sure what’s going on with my plants. They seemed to have been stressed from the heat had a couple 100+ days. Leaves canoed and curled up or down. Within the next day or so all the leaf edges browned and got crispy.

is this heat stress, a nutrient problem or something eles? Here is a pic of how it looked when it was seemed to have signs of heat issues after the few days of 100+ outside temps I will have to get pictures of the plant tomorrow showing more of the leaf browning.

First welcome. I would say without a doubt it’s heat stress. Anything above 85°F is bad. Anything high like you’ve had will cause major, what I call cupping, what you called canoeing. (That’s a pretty accurate description too.) That would be the first thing I addressed. The plant goes into self preservation mode also. It slows root development and foliage production, almost to a halt. If it gets too hot temp wise again I would, if your able, move it inside during the high heat part of the day. What strain is it?


Yes will definitely move it inside if it happens again. It’s Tahoe og from what I was told when I got the clone. I’ll have some pics posted tomorrow when it’s daylight and you can see the damage it caused. It has also started to flower some so hopefully it can still recover. Iv read it stops producing leaves. Hopefully it will still produce me something decent. Thanks for the input and if u don’t mind checking back when I add the pics and giving me some advice on what can be done to help recover that would be great!

Idk I’d get a 2nd opinion, the only reason I state that is I’m in Massachusetts on the coast and since mid July until present we’ve been getting killed with a heat wave,85-100 degrees daily during the daytime and my plants don’t look like that. I’m far from experienced this year will be my 3rd year doing outdoor grows since they legalized it. But I’m positive other things could contribute to your plant leaves looking like that.


First welcome to the community plant definitely calling for help I would start by checking my pH runoff see where I was at and get a PPM run off. The single leaf looks like too much N . Good luck



I’m on the east coast of Massachusetts as well. We’ve had 3 or 4 heat waves and my 2 Sativas
(Haze extreme) look like they crawled thru Hell.
But my 2 Indicas ( Banana Kush) look like they didn’t have a care in the world.


High temps mean increased liquid uptake. If feeding a strong solution the plant sees WAY too much nutrient load and gets burned. If phosphorus (I think) is low, the plant can’t regulate temps well. During hot conditions, lots of water, low nutrient load and maybe an occasional (small amount of) phosphorus can help. Getting out of direct sunlight is smart on hot days.


Here are some updated pics on current condition hopefully this can help everyone help me haha. Like I said before it looked heat stressed to me in the previous pic. The next day it started looking like this

it was a pretty fast change and seems not to be browning anymore.

It’s always a good sign when it’s not spreading. Are you still in a heatwave? If not then that’s the main issue. Now you’d have to deal with the other things that heat has caused. @Myfriendis410 suggested the best route to go above. More water less nutes and phos. If you have means to test pH and ppm runoff I would start doing that too. While your plant was sucking up water to survive it doesn’t uptake as much of the nutes so you could now have a high pH or high nute level. If you do test for them let us know what they are.


Unfortunately I did have a high pH early in the grow I was able to correct that and she was looking nice again. Then I was hit with this heat. Temps are about 97-99 outside for the next week and I had some pH test for my water tried to keep it around 6. I have a soil pH tester but not sure on accuracy I have it in my soil it goes up to 8ish and then settles at 5.9- 6.6 pH at top and bottom of container. So as far as I can tell pH is ok. As to ppm I have no way to check. And I did not know it would use less nutes while it’s to hot so thanks for that. Also it’s in ffof and I’m using general hydroponics grow line. Hopefully she will still produce some decent flower. Should I do any triming? I’m worried I’d be left with barely any leaves to finish.

I don’t know how everyone on here would suggest doing it but I would at least trim off the dead part of the leaves. Not the whole leaf but the dead spots on each individual leaf. Also your using ffof, when did you begin your nute regiment of GH?

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I waited 2 3 weeks before I gave any nutes. Then I gave it nutes probably 4 times before I had a pH issue that took me a little bit to fix using plain ph water. Then I gave some nutes once or twice after fixing pH before I got into a heat wave and the got burned. Have not given the anything but water lately usually around a gallon. So idk they may be hungry but I’m trying not to do anything I’ll regret

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Chances are with the heatwave you’ve got some extra nutes in the soil still. If it were me I’d split whatever water and do half first thing in AM and the other half later in the pm when it cools down, only for another week. Then start your nutes back up on a light schedule 1/4 of recommended dose. Also adding a phosphorus. Also moving it inside like I said earlier if it’s too hot or at least out of direct sun for the next week.

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