Unknown,but bad azzz seeds wont germ?

Okay look!..I know that these seeds were bad ass otherwise I would have never kept them…They are @ least 5+ years old,kept in a medicine cabinet in a pill bottle.I got them from a friend that was growing outside.They are definitely photos of either (Bubba Kush,Romulan,Train wreck,etc) Ive done everything I know to get them to germ…No luck!!! I tried the water/peroxide…no luck…Ive tried the wet paper& baggie…No luck. I even went as far as to slice one open with a razor and was amazed to see some sort of “veg” inside…But these bitches wont crack? Is there any hope at all? Any other method? Its more of a trivial thing to me since these were saved so long ago and I wanted to see if they will grow cause I know the weed was bad ass! Anyone?

Huh Ooops I put this in the wrong category guys…

Some people will scuff up older seeds on some sand paper before dropping in water. Worth a shot.


U might can try to use a needle and score a bit along where it would crack or get a dmall hole or 2 thru the casing so water can penetrate the shell. Try not to hot the inners tho good luck

That sux tho. Wife found beans when i started here that were in baggies for like 10 years in a drawer not even fully air tight bag and she dropped 3 all 3 popped i was shocked as hell myself. Now i have a few too many seeds and still getting lol. All my old seeds i had i threw out and started with all fresh seeds. Wherr r u from ohio michigan ect not specific. @AL_GREEN

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Yup. Scuff them bad boys! Get some fine sandpaper. Put the seeds and paper into the pillbottle. And shake the feck outta em for a few secs.

Check seeds for fine white lines. If there, soak em, if not. Shake them :poop:s.

One seed bank I bought from actually sent a scuff paper in an order. Nice of em eh? Lol


@BobbyDigital Thanks man…tried that with one…No luck though!!

@PurpNGold74 Thanks I`ll try again but I think they are just not viable…

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