Unknow seeds. But will be good to learn with


I have the bug i cant not be growing so until my new kit has been ordered etc i will be growing 4/5 unknown seeds just to learn with and you never know they might be good. But i will use them for learning to top and other stuff so come join me my friends and lets see what we get out of these unknow seeds. Onething is i will be grateful for the extra help and experince. But once the new stuff arrives then i will have a 2 projects and a new grow for you all to follow and i will have a nice selection of strains to choose from so stay tuned my friends. @garrigan65 @Shuggz @Kapelady @Donaldj @dbrn32 @M4ur


There’s nothing wrong with bag seeds. The only problem is knowing what strain they are. Some of the best smoke I’ve grown was bag seed.

You need to know how to sex them since they probably aren’t feminized…


Well said @FloridaSon unless the bag sees came from that Mexican brick weed lol
Except for the learning curve that is
I personally wouldn’t wait my time on that lol
But for sure if your lucky enough to find a few seeds in your bags tbem woohoo bonus beans


@Mikos…this should be interesting!


Well my friends i was handed around 60seeds of unknown strain however it is good practice using these than forking money out on good seeds and messing up. Plus i have a spacebucket i want to try and i dont want to waste my good seeds on it incase its not any good then theres learning to top them and other stuff i figure that using these to train and teach myself with aswell as trying out new ideas or fertilizers or nutrients etc. And if it all works out then i will have a nice smoke at the end if not then no harm and no losses. And it also gives me a chance to learn how to sex plants incase i need to know. And i also may buy regular seeds in future well i will be once i have mastered growing so i can learn how to cross bread strains is my nxt task


I totally agree that it will be a good learning experience for sure @Mikos
Bag dont mean bad either
Ive grown pleanty of them over the years


Regular seeds are great if you know how to sex them. They’re more stable. Less likely to morph from stress.

I kill all males so I plant early so I don’t waste my whole veg cycle on a male…


I agree with that @FloridaSon
I just culled a Durban Poison that was a male


Sorry for your loss, Brother! Great strain, which only makes the loss that much harder.


No worries only lost time
Risk of buying regular seeds
I have more so ill try again
Best to catch them early fyi @Mikos
if you have a male and cull as FS mentioned
I noticed this one a week earlier but wanted to Get a good picture so other can see balls in early stages :wink: @FloridaSon
Did you ever figure out who or what was pollenating you plants FS?


Yeah. Some idiot back behind me let a hermie go, not knowing what was going on. I think we have him educated now. :smiling_imp:


Well for those who are wondering whats happening well 4 out of 5 of the seeds are through and looking good. One thing av asked myself is thou and maybe someone can enlighted me.? Because these seeds are unknow then what if they have came from weed that has seeds in it doesnt that mean they were hermi’s and could these seeds be hermi ? Or is hermi just happens to plants. Can someone explain tht to me i know a little about hw tht can happen but not much. Like it can happen because of temps jumping to high or low to much etc.


@Mikos the seeds can be regular seeds which means they can be male or female and sexing them will be needed if so
Sometimes plants will get a few seeds in them if they are left flowering a little longer then needed as a last ditch attempt
Then sometimes the seeds may have came from a hermi plant which doesn’t mean the seeds are bad but may ne prone to going hermi them selves cause by stress or they can grow to be healthy females
Since you have so many unknowns
I would just go forward with the grow and watch the plants developing take pictures and post them so we can assist you with identifying anything of question how does that sound brother?


Excellent as ushall my friends thank you.


Well here are the first pics up what do you think.

Thats just 1 of 4 so far and out of 5 seeds i had got 4 sprout the other looked damaged anyway 4 out of the 5 is good just need to wait and see what we have. The next thing when should i plant them into larger pots and how many times do you recomed that i transplant them however 1 of the 4 will be getting transplanted or planted into my first attempt at a space bucket. And the other 3 will eventually go into a tent in the next couple of weeks however if i have to use a whole room then needs must but it becomes harder to maintain for me so 2 to 6 is my limit no more to much to tend and i havent enough experience plus thats being greedy i enjoy growing it relaxes me after all the stresses of the day and its a good way to start the day aswell lights on and lights off time actually works well for me as i sleep little. Wow bit of a ramble there that bong was bit much me thinks lol. Anyway VERDICTS ON THESE BABYS THERE ONLY UNDER 50W LED ATM ASWELL.
@garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Kapelady @FloridaSon @Shuggz


They look happy and healthy buddy


When you can see roots trying to come out of the bottom drain holes, repot…


Thanks. Got another question how many plants is the best for a tent at 80cm x 80cm x160cm or 80cm x 80cm x 180cm and how do you work out whats the best way to figure out how much space i need per plant. @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Kapelady @garrigan65 @Shuggz


I will have to defer to the indoor growers as I’m under the Sun. It would seem like the number of plants would depend on what style of growing you plan to do and how long you plan to veg.

Others with more knowledge will be along…


@Mikos…I play it safe by not transplanting but putting the seeds in their forever pot. I don’t have to worry about damaging roots by transferring from pot to pot.