United Surveillance of America

##Don’t Believe Everything You Know!

I just received some disturbing marketing material in the mail from an outfit called SimpliSafe.
It’s being promoted as a convenient home security and remote video monitoring solution, when in fact it’s nothing more than the thinly veiled arm of the NSA being quietly outstretched into SimpliSafe subscriber homes with their full consent.

It scares the crap out of me that so many of We, The People have become so blindly conditioned that We would actually pay $14.99/mo to have Our personal info compromised and sold to the highest bidder whose primary function is to ensure their “targets” keep wanting and buying all the consumer goods We’ve been conditioned to “need” and believing all the lies that have been repeated so many times We can’t discern them from TRUTH.


You want to protect your personal property and privacy?

DO Put bars on your windows. √
DO Stay home with a loaded pistol in your lap. √
DO cancel ANY and ALL social media accounts √

DON’T watch TV News√
DON’T install SimpliSafe √


Also two gsds


Get a peackocks and a wolf hybrid pet…
Maybe a flock of emden geese…these birds can be mean like a hell, especially to strangers…


My former in-laws had a pair of them. They called them Mr and Mrs Killer. ha ha ha.
I didn’t go near the things. They’d grab and pinch ya real good with those bills if you got too close.
And they let out a bellow of noise when anything out of the ordinary (whether invited visitors or unwelcome wildlife) entered their realm.


Security patrol :grinning:


@Willd when I was a kid the "scare " was “tha govment” was gona put chips in every ones hands so they could keep track of where and when we went. As it turns out “tha govment” didn’t have to “chip” us. We stand in line to pay $500 or more for “smart trackers” also known as cellphones, that the govment uses to monitor every aspect of our lives :skull: plus we pay $50 or so a month for the ability to use them to talk to people. :rage: :skull_and_crossbones:


@Willd I just got a accept new terms of service from my internet provider when logging into this site on wifi. Other sites work fine…thoughts?

They must have recently updated their T.O.S. agreement. I’m going to assume it’s just a coincidence.
Mine just got absorbed in some mega merger. Sadly for my location they are the only game in town that can support a physical VoIP phone, which is a condition of my continued employment.

Or one Aussie :nerd_face::paw_prints::grimacing::sunglasses::heart:

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