United Nations international day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking


All too often IMO there still are people who’d spontaneously neglect to look at the United Nations as the root of all evils when it comes to cannabis, for example the “science” of doctor John Warnock who directed his Cairo/Egypt mental asylum without ever caring to learn the language of his patients, e.g. in a colony of the bigot British Empire… Etc., etc.

Last month some significant criticism addressed UN’s June 26th international event which actually echoed even more contrasted perspectives as those from high-profile UN insiders presenting an independent report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy:

GCDP - Classification of Psychoactive Substances: When Science Was Left Behind. (2019-Jun)

Though personally i much prefered their video document published on YouTube. Being a newbie i’d normally refrain from posting a direct link but i’m confident this won’t cause too much trouble:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeETFW_Cxj0&t=1538
YouTube: Global Commission on Drug Policy - Louise Arbour 0:25:38 to 0:32:27 (2019-Jun-25)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeETFW_Cxj0&t=5245
YouTube: Global Commission on Drug Policy - Louise Arbour 1:27:25 to 1:30:15 (2019-Jun-25)

Followed by the brief concatenated conclusion of commissioner Ruth Dreifuss, re-expressing a desire to focuss on public health, decriminalization and regulation as their main conclusion:

YouTube: Global Commission on Drug Policy - 1:35:17 to 1:30:15 (2019-Jun-25)


The changes still required relatively to UN’s “Drug-Free World” utopia are immense but it feels appropriate to recognize errors of the past if this non-elected body is going to learn and eventually evolve once it assumed responsability for their own mistakes. Most unfortunately every hint of progress is extremely fragile:

CNNMoney - Dreifuss on Switzerland’s war on drugs: “We are at risk” (2019-Jul-2)

…former Swiss president and chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy Ruth Dreifuss says the country hasn’t failed in its war on drugs.


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You can link the video. Im interested. Did a search but didn’t find anything. Thank you for sharing.

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Salutations AAA,

Oh, i sure appreciate the kind words! It’s a privilege to me and a pleasure, so i’ve just modified that previous post in order to include direct references.

In all honesty my attention was initially captured after reading an article on the “Support, Don’t Punish” campaign which called for re-aligned on HEALTH + HUMAN RIGHTS

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