Unidentified strain

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey there bud! I have been growing this lady for about 4 months now and I am not too sure on the strain. Any help? I have a couple other plants that strains are unknown.

There is absolutely no way to identify the strain exactly by a picture, even an expert smoking the properly cured bud wouldn’t necessarily be able to identify the exact strain, they might be able to say it has such and such in common with a few different ones they remember, but that is probably the closest they could say.

The only things I can tell you is the leaves being relatively skinny and sharply serrated, is that it looks like a “sativa” dominant pheno, and that is about the best unless you know the strain yourself or of the bag it came out of. It looks kind of runt like too, kind of a little ruderalis like.

If you started with unknown strains of seeds, then you may not be able to tell the strain for quite some time into the flowering period, if at all, ever. All cannabis is actually very similar and some strains are nearly impossible to tell the difference from one another.

Sure some strains have some very distinguishable traits, like an orange peel smell, a fruity berry smell, a lemon smell, lavender, earthy, sandalwood, pine or a skunky smell, or some mixture of the previous smells and some will have color variations like blue or reddish or purplish colors show through, but none of this really shows well until the flowers are showing and the plant gets cold and or is running out of nutrients. Then there is the fact that all cannabis will turn purple if grown in really cold environments during the last part of flowering. And then a lot of it won’t show/smell well unless there was a proper cure. Even the same strain might seem totally different depending on how it was grown or how it was cured.

About the only way to know for sure is to know where it came from, what its mother was, or after you grow it to full maturity, then you might have an idea of what it is, other wise you have to trust that its lineage is what ever they say it is. With fat leaves, it likely would have an indica in its heritage, but that still won’t tell you much about what the end smoke will be like.

Happy growing,