Unidentified pest

Im having an unwanted visitor problem. Since i check my plants daily , this has happened in the last 24 hours …and id like to address it quickly. The particular plant affected is a photoperiod (so far its only on 1 out of 12 plants although i found the bug on 3 . )In the pictures first ill show the damage. 2nd the offender and lastly the other plants surrounding them. I need help identfying this pest , and what is the best method to rid my babies of it. These plants are in a soil i mixed , mostly compost , fine mulch , manure and perlite. I germinated the seeds april 9th . They are now 5 weeks old (plus a day or 2) ive been using a 4ft -283wt full spectrum led to get them this far . I was about to switch them to a 4x4x7ft grow tent with (2) 225watt “boostgro” led lights and a 6 inch vent fan and filter with 2 small fans for cooling the leds …anyway , on with the culprit…


I found these bugs on 3 of the 12 plants , took them outside and blew them off the leaves , then brought them back inside. The rest of the plants seemed to be clear of the bug …but im positive they will be back and i need to fix this before it spreads throughout. …help?

I would get captain jacks dead bug and captain jacks neem and switch between applications every couple of days. After 2 wks, with a little luck they will be gone. Kinda looks like spider mite or thrip damage. But the one bug that i can see in the pic is neither. Do not use neem once in flower. Good luck


I bought neem oil concentrate and mixed a quart. Where can i get the other capt. Jacks dead bug. ? I need to order it asap. And…once i move them to a tent , will that help keep the bugs away? (I live in louisiana so…we pretty much breathe bugs walking outside) there are millions of bugs everywhere here. I was considering growing 60% outside , but ill have to have a bug killer of some kind to do that or my babies will literally disappear in a week.

Its hard to control outside, requires constant maintenance unless your in a magical area. I get the deadbug from country max if you have any near you. They carry the fox farms soils too, the big bags for like 17$, good price for that. If not then amazon

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Don’t know where you are, around here in N Az you can get Capt Jacks at most Ace hardware stores.

Found it at lowes and walmart here in central la. So im gonna give it a shot. I sprayed my flower garden with neem oil (a) to rid the area from as many pests as possible and (b) simply because ive never used neem oil before and id much rather kill a flower than kill my girls. It didnt kill my flowers so i will attempt a dose on the outside plants and use capt jacks on the inside plants.

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Thank you , and EVERYONE for your insight into helping me keep my babies healthy.

Has anyone read the spinosad origins story? It’s quite interesting. Since we all recommend captain jacks dead bug so frequently. It was found on rum casks in a decommissioned rum factory in the Virgin Islands. I have also read conflicting stories that says it was similarly discovered on a decommissioned Jamaican rum facility. Who knew that slimey bacteria goo growing on rotting rum casks would be so helpful for gardening. It is mind blowing to think about.

I wonder what will be found growing on nutrient jugs or old soil in old decommissioned cannabis facility some days. Something biologically useful? Maybe they will ferment them best rum ever…

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Rum being an absolute favorite , love the story !

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