Unhealthy Plants

So Im on my first grow, with seeds purchased from ILGM (amnesia hate auto, blueberry auto, and Northern lights auto) currently trying to figure out what’s wrong with them.

We had a MAJOR heat wave (100+°) and I’ve been growing in the garage.

So my plants are clearly stunted with dead-ish severely yellow-white leaves at the bottom and leaves up top that are curly sideways and green, and I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with them.

I’m thinking nitrogen deficiency? I’m growing in coco, and I started off 1/8 strength on the plant food because everyone said start weak at first and I think I stunted them.

My question:

How do I un-stunt the plants, and how do I recover from their heat injuries?

Thank you!!

Please recommend poster of this questions joins the forum so we can request some pictures and get a little more information. It sounds like he/she is correct in that may be some nutrient deficiency issues. But I would like to know what measured strength of solution was, which products were used, and how often plants were getting nutrient solution and/or water.


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Definitely sounds like nitrogen at the bottom and heat stress at the top. Like @dbrn32 said. Without pictures and more info one can’t be sure.

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