Unhappy Yellow Plants

Last year I used old Columbian seeds that grew no problem. This year I am growing White Widow, Big Boy, Chocolope, Super Silver haze and Amnesia Haze (12 total). Basically, except for one plant, my leaves are all extremely light green and are hardly growing - they are outside in pots waiting to be placed into my garden. Most of them do have some leaves coming out but one WW is totally stunted and only one Big Boy is happy. Not sure what is going on here, any suggestions? They are all in the same soil.



They are like kids. All are different. The smallest may grow to be the biggest. My last grow i had a girl with a leaf span under an half inch. She became my biggest plant.

Your soil looks very wet and somewhat compacted, maybe a transplant is in order sooner rather than later. Add some more perlite to your new soil to improve aeration and drainage . In the meantime let them dry out a bit and when you do water try to not wet the soil close to the stem. Check the ph going in and out and let us know the results then we can diagnose with a bit more accuracy.

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Thank you both. Repotted plants with Perlite. Plants are outside and it was raining so perhaps too much water. i also think my starter soil was too tight, as most of them had poor root growth. PH about 6.9. We shall see.

Two months later - Those plants did not make it as the soil was too tight, therefore overwatered, and then got fertilizer burn since there was no pass-through. New plants doing better although they won’t reach full growth potential. Starting them earlier next year. Thank you all.