Unexpected Bonus from heat stress


Has this ever happened to you? I was growing some Super Silver Haze in my homemade closet grow box this past fall. I’ve been growing in this manner for several years now, a little setup to grow my own personal MMJ. A standard wardrobe closet 2.5 x 4 x 8 area with 3 sets of 4 2ft T5 CFLs. I generally grow two or three plants at a time, two to three times a year. Well this time I was growing two Super Silver Haze plants. While in their vegetative period I decided to add four 300W 6500 CFL to my grow space. Well this addition evidently over heated my plants (100+Deg). This went on for a few days before I became aware of the situation in which I then removed the additional lighting. So this must have stressed out the plants, because at harvest my feminized SSH had produced seeds in every bud.
Now whats interesting is this spring, I decided to plants a few of the seeds produced outdoors just to see if anything would germinate. Because I heard that seeds from a feminized plants would not germinate, with baby jar full of seeds I decided what the heck. Long story short, I am happy to say that of the dozen seeds planted… 10 out of 12 germinated. My last examination found 3 out of 10 have produced males and those have been discarded. Still, 7 healthy females… there is going to be some partying this fall. Plus I now have a surplus of seeds for the future.


Seeds frim a feminined mother will be feminized as well especially since it sounds like it was a cause by stress and you can have fine plants as a result
The only draw back is they will usually be susceptible to hermi condition if stressed out them selves
Just keep a eye in them and ensure there are no males unlikely but being diligent will ensure you dont have any


It het 110 everyday in my grow setup. As long as Ltd watered and fanned, dosnt really hit my plants. Maybe I’ll get some seed. Thatd be cool.


The most important thing to remember is

Make sure you realize what could happen if they Hermi as well and the challenges that could peruse. Happy growing :smiley:


Thanks Countryboyjvd1971 for feed back and yes I will be looking after them closely. They’ve been replanted in 5 gallon grow bags and moved outdoors (not enough space in grow room). So far they are progressing just the way you would expect. I haven’t noticed any hermi condition and I didn’t expect males at all. But three of the plants were not like the others, they had more of a yellow color then green. I just assumed they were males and discarded them. I just hope this screwy weather here in Midwest States settles down to an actual season.


Well Happy_Pappy, the way it happened was after installing the additional CFLs, which were on a timer. The timer was setup to mimic midday sun (6 hrs) during my regular 18/6 veg cycle with original lighting. I placed the additional lighting in four corners of my grow space, slightly below the plant foliage (set upon a small table). This apparently encouraged my plants to grow outward faster, and a few of the plant branches grew out to touch the CFL lights. Which I didn’t give another thought until, I noticed that the lights started burning some of the fan leaves. It was at this point when I removed the additional lighting. Never even notice the seed growth until after harvest and first smoke. I myself have thought about recreating the condition on other strains. But I figured why take a chance and possibly ruin my crop. I just unexpectedly got lucky!


Great little bonus though. Don’t you Think?


Yes it is, will help defer some expenses. Although it is still cheaper to buy at ILGM and grow your own, then to pay street prices for something you not sure of. At least you know what you get when you grow it yourself!


It doen’t look like it is going to happen any time soon !


Agree totally. I can sit back and just amaze that I could not even find medicine this good from my doctor. No labs to follow just live life. Way better !


I think you’re going to kick yourself. Seeds from a hermied feminized plant will be female. The yellowing may have simply been a nutrient or lighting issue. Next time wait until you see “balls” before throwing them away.


Thanks for the info, I must have been given bad advice from a colleague who swears that they were males. Should have second guessed, because he also told me hermied feminized plants would not germinate. But your remarks seem logical. Next time I will wait till they show gender signs like the links you provided suggest.


Good reply @Drinkslinger. Concise and to the point !

@dunnitagain One thing that may help you immensely is Robert’s Grow Bible download that is free. He goes into good detail on the vital info needed to grow cannabis. I think a lot of the experienced growers here started with Robert’s book and some time studying it and other information available on the internet.

Remember that this is YOUR grow and you can make any final decisions on what you do. I used the book in the beginning of my growing and then would bounce my solution off the resident experts here. All their information and what you have should get you an answer on the right path. This is a great place to learn to grow cannabis. As you start doing better, your grows improve in size and quality and things will get easier, didn’t say easy but easier !

I wish you the best of all good things on your grow and hopefully the bad things will be minor. Jerry :sunglasses: :us: :man_farmer:

Remember to always check the pH ! !