Uneven growth in plants

I have 2 different plants in the same grow tent running a hydro dwc system. One plant is about 6 inches and is on its fifth node. The other is barely an inch and is on its second node. When it comes time to flower should I try to take the small one out or just flower at the same time and just hope for the best?

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How old are they all plants are a little different so one growing faster then the other is normal
Are they both getting same amount of light ?
Some olant will work on developing the root system a little longer
I have two Bruce Banners going now ones half the size of the other but both are healthy
How far from flower are you ?

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They are still vegging, bit it doesn’t look like it is going to catch up to the other one. Wanted to be proactive. Thanks

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Are they the same strain
No problem post a picture if you can and welcome to the forum

I flowered both of mine at the same time because I wanted to start the next grow sooner than later. One plant got good sized and the other stayed small but is still producing great bud. I didn’t have the space to veg my smaller plant longer so I just went with it.

This is the bud on my smaller plant.