Uneven flowering with autoflower, when can I harvest?

Question from fellow grower: I had a question bc the plant is not flowering consistently throughout. Some of the flowers are just about ready to harvest (the top center of plant) and flowers around the outside need more time to mature. Do I harvest what’s ready now and let the rest of the plant continue to flower? Is it possible to do this or will the plant get stressed? It’s blueberry autoflower if that matters in any way.

Yes, you can harvest as colas become ripe and leave the rest to mature.

I always pick as they present themselves ready. This is a marathon not a race.Go easy with the harvesting and read the GUIDES on cultivation / harvest…become a Herbalist…

Keep your scissors very very clean to help prevent infection/mold/rot

Many growers, especially produce growers will do multiple harvests to get mature produce and allow the immature to ripen.