Uneducated General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom Fertilizer question?

I have a singular Bubblegum Autoflower that germinated on 03/08/2020 and seems to be doing very well. That said, I am nearly finished with my Bergman Fertilizer and it seems to be presently out of stock. May I ask if the General Hydroponics line of Flora Grow, Bloom and Micro would be sufficient alternatives to what I was previously using?

On the General Hydroponics site, there is a “Basic Feedchart Generator,” which seems to have a drain to waste selection available; however, I cannot seem to get the feedchart to generate.

If the General Hydroponics Flora Grow and Bloom is safe to employ, may I ask if the following chart from General Hydroponics looks legit for 1 US Gallon? I have a proper PPM pen, so I assume that its literally as easy as balancing the PH in the water to 6-7, then add the proper ML to the gallon of water based upon the week/growth stage?

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