Underwatered or overwatered

Fox Farm Ocean forest
Temp 75
Humidity 50
Water ph 6-6.5
Mars Hydro Sp3000
Blue Dream Fem Ilgm + Random Regs

My seedlings were stunted and dying severely. I backed off watering a bit and they seemed to start thriving again. Im to the point where I water them maybe once a week but theyre still suffering. It seems like everytime I give them water they get worse. Even with it being several days apart. Im truly confused. Theyre in fabric grow pots. I made additional holes in the bottom for extra aeration and to feel the soil at the bottom. The soil at the bottom is damp. Not soaked. Too few inches of soil bone dry. Im considering watering now but dont know if its going to be the right move.

Have u been feeding them they look very hungry to me ,to get if u need to water always lift the pot first if it feels fairly heavy it still has plenty of water in the soil if it feels light than water until run off and then wait for a few days and then pick up the pots to how heavy they are to see if there ready for feeding


Ocean Forest should feed well for 5 or 6 weeks. And even then its not going to yellow that fast.
I suspect your pH is off. What’s your water testing at for ppms and pH ?


Look really hungry. 6.0 isn’t scary low, but pH should be more between 6.2-.8. I think @Spiney_norman got it with the pH. pH issues at the roots can lockout the nutes and it starves the plant.


Looks like overwatered to me. U see how the leaves kind of wilt but the stems are rigid and stand up? Thats classic overwatering.

Im guessing from ur write up, the soil at the bottom is not drying out in a timely fashion, which means the roots havent really grown down there yet.


I can’t tell from your pics, but do you have them setting on pot elevators like this? If not, you need to.


First thing, stop feeding them! You’re using FFOF. It takes about 4-6 weeks to deplete the soil nutrients.

Give them NOTHING but water until then.

Since you’ve overfed them…you need to flush the soil ASAP. That means, water them (with just water) until a bunch of water comes out the bottom. Then just let them be…let the soil dry up (about 3 days). Then continue to use just water.

Please follow my post…as all the questions you have are already answered.

Good luck!

Listen to what PurpNGold74 is telling you. Its the 1st time I’ve actually seen someone give the classic signs of over watering. I had a plant, a bit bigger then yours, do the same thing and I heard everything from looks hungry to shes got something a bit more serious. Fill out the ticket. Well, i filled out the ticket and from that point I got zero responses. My 1st thought was over watering since the stems were stiff and the leaves were drooping. Also, the edges of the leaves were a bit curled as well. Stopped watering and within 4 days, she was perked back up.


After you do a ticket please tag me again. Sometimes threads get buried. And I hate leaving a man (or woman/child/dog/goldfish) behind lol.

Thanks tho.

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