Understanding Time Tables

Hello. I am new to growing and am in the process of growing a few Girl Scout Cookie Extreme Autoflowers I purchased here. My question is…in the description on this website for Girl Scout Cookies Extreme it says ready to harvest in 7 - 9 weeks. Does that mean 7 - 9 weeks from the time I germinate the seeds, from the time the seed sprouts, from the time the first flowers appear, or what? I get different information wherever I look online for these answers on times to harvest. Thanks again in advance for the answers from this community!

From the time they start flowering. If they finish on time. Every plant has their own schedule. Some take longer than others. Some take less.


i think ilgm advertises its auto from sprout to finish, i have grown gsc twice, one is just finishing up but both times they where right at 10 weeks sprout to finish, but like covert says they all do their thing different

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And those are under ideal circumstances often time they’ll veg longer if they have slow starts

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thats right, one of the ones i having finishing now is a couple of weeks older and had a real slow to start

Hey sorry to bother you but since you said that you had grown this Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower before I needed some additional advice. You said your went sprout to finish in right at 10 weeks. Today for mine is Day 7 of week 9 and I don’t know what’s wrong because my leaves are still green as ever and my buds never really swelled up like I hear they should do in the last 2 weeks. I also just noticed some orange/brownish splotches that have popped up on my leaves and not sure what that it is either. Any ideas or suggestions?

it looks to me like you still have several weeks to go, maybe a light difference or something to make time different just be patience and let it grow lol

Last 2 I just cut a few weeks ago

Holy WOW! Are those Girl Scout Cookie Extreme Autos?

yes they are, seeds from ilgm,