Understanding Fox Farm feeding schedule

So feed as normal and do that stuff? I think it’s available at Lowe’s if the internet is correct

Yep, feed as normal. Which looks like they’re due for a feeding with a 500 ppm runoff. They have captain jacks at my local Home Depot and Lowe’s.

How long do you figure 3-4 wks? And can those mites have came in the fox farms soil?

The only thing I’ve had in FF soil was fungus gnats. I don’t think broadmites would come in soil. They can be brought in from outside though.

From the pic of the plant, it looks closer than 3-4 weeks. The trichomes would be the determining factor though. You have a magnifier to view the trichs?

Nope guess I better get a 30x

The tools list just never stops, lol. But I would bump up to 60x


Truth is I should’ve had it all before I started

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Hey can I get the dust

No, you don’t want that getting all over your buds. Plus it’s mostly the bottom of your leaves you’re going to want to get.

Well if the leaves coming out of buds have mites are they not supposed to be sprayed? And the plants started outside I bet that’s where these started.

Captain jacks is safe to be sprayed on the buds.

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I sure do appreciate your help. It’s a hobby I enjoy doing. Free medicine once it’s dialed in. Or next to it. Question are you an organic or hydro guy? What’s your thoughts on hydro against organic?

I grow in soil. I’ve done a few organic grows. The organic bud is top notch but I haven’t been able to get the yields that I can with non organic. I have everything needed to go RDWC but I needed to wait for hurricane season to end. Power outages are detrimental to hydroponic grows.

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I hear that

This was a power outage

I liked it just so I could unlike it. Sorry for your loss

You must be from around my way, until past 5 years I’m in Arizona now

So treating broad mites I won’t see immediate improvement huh?

Wow that would suck. And winter time up here we get outage

No, damaged leaves will remain that way

So what’s your recommendation should i let go til finish? I started outside so I didn’t keep track of days flowering. I do know they’ve been under hps for 5-6 wks. Then a question that goes with this as well. I’m starting my next. If they are in the same house different room am I in danger of another infestation?