Understanding Fox Farm feeding schedule

@Mrgreen3461 I use the green and purple schedule. I use the 1 Tablespoon per gallon and feed 3 times a week. I water daily. Example: Grow Big on Monday, water Tues. When in flower stages, Big Bloom Monday, water Tues., Open Sesame on Wed., water Thurs, Big Bloom on Fri. etc… in middle stages of flower i use same schedule but switch out Tiger Bloom for Big Bloom and switch out Beasty Bloomz for Open Sesame and in last stages switch out Beasty Bloomz for ChaChing. Flush 1 week before harvest.

I use FoxFarms Happy Frog soil.

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Hey everyone, 1st time grower here. I’m in week 1 of veg and using FFOF with the liquid nutrients “trio”. Following the schedule above and have a question/comment or two. What does EC mean? With 7.5 ml’s big bloom in 1 gal 6.3 ph Ro water, my PPM is only 110. The schedule recommends like 400ish ppm. Is this a problem? Also, my humidity is around 45-50%. , is this too high? So far so good semingly, but I was moticing some whitish spots on some leaf edges and what lo

oks like a little powdery mildew on 1 of 2 plants ( Pineapple Chunk fem from Barney farms). Any feedback would be awesome, I’m pretty anxious and worried about doing this right, I don’t want to screw these girls up. Thanks all, glad to be here.


In the first pics looks like either the leaves were laying on the dirt or a Lil nutrient splash when watering both will make the leaves look like that.
Where are you on the feeding schedule?
The first couple of weeks calls for 6tsp per gallon of big bloom and 2tsp per gallon grow big. Might be where your missing your ppm @bizzyboy

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Ec refers to electrical conductivity in water ir soil its a messurement use ti determine salt build up more salts higher ec
So you have a grow journal tag me in if so
Also do you have a copy if the schedule?
Otherwise i agree with @Nug-bug

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Here’s a great threat for you to check out.

I have a question for you sir, im a newbee so be easy…

does it matter if were talking about an auto or a photo??? or is this the same no matter what type of seed were working with?

also? if your to feed it every other feeding, some days you water, 3-4 times a day, right? so do you feed twice a day or ???

Hi @Mathew420, those girls look awesome, great job. I used to use ff in soil but I’m trying my hand at a coco coir and perlite this time, also trying G.H. Flora Trio and Terminator. I’m watering (feeding) them using the Lucas formula, just wondering if you ever heard of it, or if its as good as its supposed to be.

Those look very healthy. Nice man

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That schedule is for All FF nutes …to achieve the ppms on the chart you need to add the nutes shown… there a thread on it somewhere but I just used the FF Trio and used what it said on the bottle itself…and was def a lot happier camper!

@Mrgreen3461 I use ffhappy frog, it stays so wet I can only water once a week. Do you add perlite? Are your pots dry when you water?

Sounds great. Don’t forget the ChaChing at the end. It really helps with Terpines.

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This is exactly the info I needed :blush:

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All that Fox Farm is wonderful , and should be added to what you are feeding, the rest should be a natural mix , this is only for outdoor growing and for your area