Underground Water cistern grow room


Might be time to run a second line to grow space my friend
Better to be safe imo
Not worth losing a house over


s this was the issue my entire room was piggyback off of this gfi outlet so I ditched the outlet and wired it direct To this Frankenstein. box is that safe.


Yeah that looks a little sketchy bro for sure


This is it after. im definitely going to shit can this Frankenstein switch. But I also was thinking all that is ran on the switch itself is the cistern pump could I throw the grow on that or will it blow that fuse.


I’m no electrician but if that’s a 10 amp fuse that I think I see, you are probably over loading it. I did the same thing on a 15 amp breaker & had a small fire :fire: in my garage. Please be careful :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok ditched the cistern pump that was on the 30 amp 125 volt switch. And ran the grow completely off of that. By itself. So now i should be good I would hope anyway.


I would be more worried is my cistern going to fill with water while I am away?


@Donaldj it’s the pump that pulls it into the house. The tile that ran water to it has been filled with concrete.


Power holding strong so far. maybe one more big led. Not in the budget at the moment.


so far so good


Coming along nicely


How far away are the leds?


About 18 inches is that to close @Bman88900


this one I accidentally used fox farm grow big on when it was a seedling is that the cause for the burnt leaves the new growth dosnt seem to have it


Plants reacting good to that distance i see. Im just Trying to get a idea of how far away my shelves are gonna have to be from my lights. Im no expert but yours look great. No stretching so defiantly not to far away. Its good you caught the nutrients burn


@Bman88900 yea just kinda guessed on the height this is my first indoor grow. I still have a lot a want to do down there.


@Iowacountryboy Looking great!!


I’m excited to see them get there veg on


Just supplement lighting for now. Using my other lights on a plant i think will do alot better. Hopefully they stock up when i order these. Just waiting about 2 weeks.


Really proud parent right now