Underground Water cistern grow room


@Iowacountryboy this is a very good use of space. The lower humidity will be helpful during flowering. Lower the better. Veg you can get by at 40% you may have to water a bit more often. (But don’t do it too much check the soil first) Make sure you have holes in your solo cups so the water can drain. I know I’m jumping ahead but do you have something to transplant to from the solo cups? If so, what size? I think as long as you keep air moving you should be fine. When it comes to spring air exchange might more critical to keep the mold issue at bay. If it is a problem. Some spaces are fine.
Do you have enough lighting?

And of course welcome to the forum. This place is great and filled with many helpful members here. We all want you to succeed, from seed to harvest. Happy growing. Don’t forget, when responding don’t forget to put @covertgrower so we get notified.


That space is awesome :+1: out of likes, but I’m watching this grow!!


Inspiration at its best @Iowacountryboy
Can tou add a second heater otherwise Youll need a way to reheat the fresh air in winter can you build a box on intake and put a heater in that to warm incoming air
We do this in the hvac business when we have 100 % outside air the air is heat twice first heater is a reheat second in primary heat just a thought i can get pricey to run heaters


@Covertgrower all I’m running right now is a 1000w full spectrum led. It true power is only 300 watts I’m looking at ordering 2 more lights. Along with 10 gallon fabric pots. And some fox farm soil. The room is about 6.6ft tall 7 ft across and 4 ft wide. The entire cistern itself is 9x9.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I was just thinking about this idea last night I’m going to re run my duct and give this a try.


@Iowacountryboy if i can assist tag me im a commercial hvac guy out of nyc lol
Before you say anything i live up state so my screen name applies hahaha
Also let me welcome tou to the forum
We have the friendliest and best members here all knowable and helpful
I would think being underground will help you maintain temps once you get this fresh are thing figured out
I see you looking into getting more lights that may help a bit when they are on ?


I would like this, but I’m all out of likes @Iowacountryboy sounds good.



just did these a few months ago bought a huge old house all the plumbing and boiler was shot so it was a definite learning experience I’m a cement head. But pretty handy at almost anything.


Nice @Iowacountryboy
Ill try anything once myself
So you have a good handle on things it seems
How far away from house is the grow space ?


About five feet from the basement. It’s under the back patio. As for the light situation I’m debating about switch from led. Maybe it would be beneficial to get two lights that generate more heat then I could possibly pull the heater out.


@Iowacountryboy A big Welcome from your neighbor @SmoknGranny :hugs:
You’re in the right place for the best advice and support here at ILGM. I’m a newbie waiting for Spring but … thanks to @bob31 @dbrn32 & others I’m probably going to try an indoor grow. @Donaldj has some great topics and is quite a creative grower so be sure to check those out. @Countryboyjvd1971 knows his stuff as well as the others that have responded to your post. So overall you’re in great hands.
Personally, though, I think these guys like challenges :rofl: But most importantly is that everyone here wants you to succeed!


I just switched to lec fixtures myself
I find they run a bit hotter than led but not as hot as hps @Iowacountryboy


Thanks for the welcome everyone has been fantastic. Yes I looked up @Donaldj grow journal it was very impressive what he did with just a crawl space


@Iowacountryboy DJ is a motivated man for sure
And super knowledgeable
Can you get a fresh air duct into your basement
Im assuming its warmer than out side ? Just a thought if you pulled your fresh air from basement it should help with underground temps maybe have a damper so you can switch back and forth to outside or inside for winter / summer runs ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 it’s all solid concrete as of right now I’m going to try out the first idea with a the heater in a box. I’m trying to keep it all as hidden as possible for now come spring time or right after this first grow. My plan is to rip out the old patio and connect the cistern to the basement so then I can have access without going outside and down into a hole in the ground. So once i dig down pour my footing and lay my block walls then i will repour the patio so the entire thing is completely hid. Where the ducts run up now is right under my grill. So to hide them even further I’m going to build a large functional outdoor smoker with three stacks one for the smoker in middle and then one on each side for the fresh air and the exhaust. That’s the dream anyway lol


@Iowacountryboy i like the way you think
Hahaha a underground lair live what tour doung brother keep me posted


Btw I planted these mowie wowie on Dec 20th at 5 pm in mirical grow germination soil. and here they are as of right now one really took off but the other two are slowly catching up. I just noticed that after two weeks most people’s plants are a lot further along. Is this due to the led being only 300 watts?


It’s normal for the first week or two to see little or no growth above soil
All the magic is happening below soil
Plants focus on growing healthy root systems then they will take off
They all look good to me
Since they are small can you put themnin your basement at this stage ? Smell wont be a issue untill you in flower
Just a thought to help ward off cold temps
And in a few weekks return them to the dungeon lol


Thank again @Countryboyjvd1971 . It’s not bad down there with the exhaust shut off and the supply off.


Thats good just make sure you have a fan moving Air inside so its not stagnant
And another thought for when it gets warmer youll need to dehumidify dont there for sure cant start thinking about this to early lol