Underground Water cistern grow room



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Thank you I thought it was a grand idea myself. With temps dropping to 30 below lately it’s been a struggle I threw a milk house heater in there with a fan but I also have a fresh air duct and carbon scrubber. The problem I’m having is with the fresh air fan and carbon scrubber going I lose all humidity and my temps drop to 65 with the heater on high.


So would a simple diy co2 gen work in this underground room if I leave the the duct fans off. Or am i going to need constant fresh air


You can probably get away with something like that now. But I fear you’ll have problems with mold before too long.


You won’t need to supplement CO2 for a long while yet. You can grow a plant from seed in a sealed room for quite a while. Even at peak growth, changing the entire airspace 4x per light cycle will be plenty.


That’s what I was afraid of


The mold aspect anyway


If humidity is kept at 50% or lower, which shouldn’t be hard in the Iowa winter, there should be little concern of mold?


It is really dry down there with the heater going. I had to put a humidifier in. With both running it stays 75 degrees humidity around 40. This is my first indoor grow.


Ya I guess. But it doesn’t take a huge increase in temperature to get concrete to sweat either. My experience with areas like that is they stay pretty damp. Slight air movement will knock it down pretty quickly this time of year, but no air movement pushing it in my opinion.


Run a sulfer burner routinely it will keep most molds and mildews away but proper venting would be best cure you would need to grow low RH like I do Don’t panic I grow plants in RH below 30 routinely


Definitely not saying the air shouldn’t be exchange at all, but a constant flow of fresh air is probably not necessary. Best to quickly change the air less frequently. However, now that I think about it, that may have a very dramatic impact on the temperature, which would be worse.


Hard to say, every space is a little different. @Donaldj brings up a good point, there are always countermeasures that help fight different aspects.


Give me a space I will make it work as long as a person is willing to think outside the box many places can be adapted as plants can also adapt


In all honesty I love it I almost bought a house just because it had a room just like that in it and I had already mapped it out including mold mildew suppression. Concrete is super in many ways it retains a fairly even temp is easily sterilized


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