Undercurrent system?

9 years of cloning clones would definitely tell you if it gets weaker. I hear what your saying about the not letting your plants get sick and just keep cloning. But I’m a prepare for everything kind of guy lol. Harvesting every three weeks would be amazing! I don’t think I have enough room right now to get a system like that going. I’m going to try and get the harvest times maybe every month and a half or so. Just gotta see how these suckers grow.

Just had to pull the Durban over

She will be going in the system here soon.


I’ll be watching your Durban, it’s a cross with my Girl Scout Cookies, and I considered growing it. She looks pretty tall. (But seriously name a strain you haven’t thought about growing even a little… lol)

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This is my first time growing a 100% sativa. I can already tell I’ll need to lst the crap out of this thing. For being so young she sure got long. About twice the height of my Crystal strain

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I would enjoy trying to grow a sativa, but like you said, height can become a problem. You could super crop the end to keep it even shorter. Huge fan of that after I did that to a white widow. @Snowman it retains the main cola, but also keeps it short.

I have done some super cropping. That stuff is pretty fun, I’ll probably have to do some to the Durban.
I found out super cropping a Indica dom usually gets way too bushy for me.

I’m always stressed out about doing too much and shocking the plants

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@Snowman I understand about the shocking. Being my first grow, that’s why I only did it to 3 plants, only one did anything. But man did it grow crazy. It really didn’t get much wider than the others of the same strain. You could get creative and do LST, and super cropping on the off shoots. It’s something I might attempt on my next grow cycle.

Oh man when I supercropped one it got mega bushy at the bottom. I ended up cutting most of the off shoots it created.

Ya I may have to do a a net and super crop. My plan is to grow it in a big U shape and then slowly spiral it up. Not sure how quite yet but my brain will figure it out when the time comes lol

I’ve decided I am going to try and build something like this using my existing 3.5 gallon Bubbly Boy buckets. I am going to try and do it with two buckets and an external (to the tent) reservoir, and make it so I can expand it to 4 buckets some day when I have better/more light to flower the full 4x4 tent properly.

Snowman, what size PVC pipe are you using for the main tubing between buckets? I see in your parts list the 3/4" vinyl hose and I see that in the pics… but I don’t see the PVC pipe (the gray piping)… maybe I am just blind?

Whoops sorry about that! It’s 1-1/2" sch 40 pvc. I just got some more aluminum foil so I can cover the tops of the pipe.

So I initially considered doing this with the 3.5 buckets I already own… but then I started thinking about the root problem you posed, and wonder if small buckets would make it even more likely to get clogged up.

I spent a little time looking carefully over the undercurrent system from C2CH20 or whatever they’re called. I was trying to figure out the air pump situation. Right now I have a strong air pump that can adequately pump to all six of my bubble buckets. In the typical undercurrent system, do you just run the pump with 1/4" hose to each bucket, like I do in my DWC? It seems like in the pictures of the “for sale” system the air pump is hooked into an external pipe? Or maybe there is one for each reservoir? I’m confused by it. I also don’t understand what the controller does in their system…

If you use small buckets I would suggest not growing monster plants or you could always “trim” the roots. I have never done this but hear about people doing it.

Are you talking about the clear 1/4" hose? That puts oxygen in the water as it passes. Then as it comes into the bucket it shoots out through find, this creates extra oxygen in your system. I will also have 1 stone in each bucket and possibly in the top off bucket.

Eventually I would like to get a float valve installed in the bucket and have a resivoir outside the tents. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about lack of water if I’m gone for too long.

Hey @Bogleg maybe you could create an extension of some sort to raise your medium as the roots grow?

Trying to liven up the hydroponic section lol
Sooooo here

First one of these…

Then I’ll check on these…

Then I’ll check on these…

About 30-40% pistils have started turning brown
Not so much on this one tho.

Then I’ll take a picture of these for you guys :nerd_face:

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whoever I missed taging my apologies


This seedlings in the rockwool need more light, they’re reaching quite a bit. @Snowman the rest look awesome. I forgot to tag you on my Friday journal update!

Bro don’t trust them pistils. Watch the tricons with a jewelers loop. Way more accurate.

But they look great, and I love the keef bowl.


I like them to reach 2-3" then I put the cube at the bottom of the 6" net pot. Helps me from watering every day since the roots are so close to the water level. Plus when I do check I’ll water the hydroton then the long stem you see ends up creating more roots.

I’m a man with a plan. Call me crazy but it works! And the roots are just popping out of the Rockwood cube, so they are going into the pots tomorrow and then the big ones in the system. Lots to do lol


Been growing this strain for quite a while. I know her 100% now :wink: . Too bad it’s the last of her kind. On to bigger and better things from ilgm! :blush: I’ll be going over the plants tomorrow with my scope)

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Anybody think these are ready for a 1000w hid? I usually go with cfls till they are a little bigger to be on the cautious side. Just don’t want to burn them since seeds are not cheep. And would like to speed the process up a bit. The water temp is still 59degrees :astonished: got a heater pointed at the water line now.
They have good tap roots about 6" long.

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Here’s what i’d do to make a spiral platform. Find the grow baskets I want to use. Figure how big the base needs to be & cut a spiral in a 1/4" sheet of a/c plywood. Pull up the Center and hold in place from above with a rope or wire. Mix fiberglass resin with glass strands and coat the plywood. Buy Fiberglass strips on a roll. Build up the walls as high as you think you’ll need. If you want horizontal flat areas cut 2 sided wedges out of cardboard and fold one end the height of the shelf. Use fiberglas packing tape to hold them in place. Fiberglass water tight. :slight_smile:

Building stairs with shelves would have a smaller footprint… :footprints:

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