Under watering? Day 9

Worried about my Northern Lights seedling as it’s leaves are curling down and growth seems to have stopped for last few days. It’s on day 9 from time it broke through the soil. I read that growth is likely going on beneath the soil (versus above) but I have concerns the plant may be under watered.

I normally just spray the top of the medium once the top 1" of the soil is dry. For the first time last night I watered about 1/2 gallon of PH’d water only. No run off. This morning the leave TIPS are still little droopy.

Northern Lights Auto from IloveGM
Method: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil (I didn’t presoak the soil which I should have I think now)
Vessels: 5 Gallon fabric pot
PH of water going in is 6.5 (no run off yet to test)
PPM/TDS = (no run off yet to test)
Indoor = 4x4 grow tent in garage
Light system = 2 ES 300 LED’s at 60-75% about 24" from plants
Temps; Day = 75F; Night = 65F
Humidity; Day = 75%, Night 75%
Ventilation system; 8" Tornado fan on floor at middle setting
Humidifier = Tao Tronics set to 80%
Co2 = No

Pic below was taken before I watered with 1/2 gallon PH water. Yellow spots are from last time I spray watered and didn’t wipe off water.

Here are water droplets which caused the yellowing

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You are looking pretty good. Overwatering is more of a concern for most. These days old seedlings only need 2 - 3 milliliters of water a day.

The leaves look okay. The most common cause of dropping leaves is overwatering. The second most frequent cause is too much light.

Growth will pause at times while the plant lays down its root system.

Keep doing what you are doing, and try to keep water off of the leaves.


Thanks Fixer! Will edit my first post to include this is my very first grow so little nervous lol.

Here is a pic of my Amnesia Haze auto which is doing well and what I was comparing the NTL too. Will continue what I’m doing.

Final pic of all 4, NTL is front left , BlueBerry Front right and two Amnesia Haze’s in back.


Welcome ! looks like you’re off to a great start.

Welcome to the forum. I think half gallon is too much as well.

One liitle trick that makes seedling watering easier is to use a turkey baster or medium sized syringe that holds 5ml of water or so. The bottom leaves of your plants have tips about 2 inches away from the stem, this is theoretical dripline. If you disperse water in a circle around this dripline that is ideal. You can continue to do this until the plant is a foot tall! Just add more water as the plant requires it. When you water at the dripline it prevents soaking the area around the stem which can then take in oxygen, the feeder roots are at the ends and sides of the root not by the trunk. Imagine the root looks much as the branches do, the feeding leaves are at the ends of the branches where they can be more effective. We prune the upper part of the plant to improve photosynthesis by spreading the branches out. The roots do the same, it is why a wider root system promotes a bigger plant. If you want to bonsai a plant the root must be restricted. I hope this information makes sense and you find it helpful. This comes from being an arborist for the majority of my life. The theory that applies to trees and shrubs also applies to cannabis. To be fully transparent, I too am learning to grow indoors as I primarily have only grown outdoors so this is a major learning spike for me also.


I loved blasting, it was a pretty good job. The highly seasonal nature of it sucked though and the dust is disgusting.

Plants are looking great! He first grow is always the most stressful. You will want to hang your blue temp/humidity gage above the soil or it will give false readings. Eventually you will want to know the humidity and temp at the canopy height.

Now the most stressful time for me is when they first sprite and harvest. Harvest because I made it to the end and I don’t want mold to set in while drying or curing.


@Cannabian is right on the money.