Under The Mistl-- 45W LED Grow Lights

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I was wondering if u could answer a question for me. Let’s say I had a clone, put it under a couple 45w led grow lights. Had them on 18-20 hrs a day, the plant went right into budding/flowering. Never grew any bigger u can imagine the yield lol. Was this because the lights didn’t provide enough light to trigger vegative growth? I have since bought an additional 600w grow light I want to start with 2 plants will this be sufficient. 2x4 closet. Thank you”

@ILGM.Zoe yes those 45w are not enough at all. More lights, bigger yield


Find out what your grow light draws from the wall, by looking at the documentation or the ad. You need about 40-50 real watts per square foot to get a good yield.

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I will put it to you this way, I am running a Viparspectra reflector series 900w LED light and it will support 4x4 veg and 3x3 flower. At least that is what it is recommended anyways. You definitely want to work on environment and lighting first before getting any clones or seeds ready. Your chances for success will be incredibly higher once you have the environment down perfect. And your plants will be much happier with you in the long run.