Under Construction: new budget veg area

This is my first post. Hello everyone!

I got a liscence for a limited number of plants recently.

I just finished walls and a locking door all fabricated from crap the previous homeowner left laying in the garage or basement.

Notice the stoner move? I dont know what I was thinking. I was very medicated when I put those hinges on so incorrectly.

If you bring a screwdriver you can rob me. D’oh!

I’m leaving it like that.

It makes me laugh. It is lockable. I’m legal.

Now I took a shelf the previous homeowner left and I have taken it apart and reassembled it in a different wider way, with less shelves.

I just had to make two cheap brackets out of scrap wood that was free to give it stability.

And these metal brackets make the shelf the plants will be on very strong.

Then I had to figure out how I would hang lights.

The cheap key rings win.

In a couple hours I should have the inside walls lined with reflective materials.

First, more medicine and caffeine!


First it was 4 mil black plastic

And then it was some shiny stuff.

Now I gotta take an old black out curtain I have with reflective material on the inside up to the sewing machine to affix some hook and loop fastener. That is how i will close the front for now.

It wont be as reflective, but I have it, and can’t put anything else into this budget at the moment.


I’m gonna’ exhaust the hot air out of the top of my 2×4×5 tent and blow it under the small metal shelf that I just transformed into my veg area. Hopefully it will help a bit stave off the cold air from near the concrete.

First, another medical recharge break.


And here it is with the front flipped up.

At least for now.

It’s always a work in progress.

I think I’ll compost all but three of these weary clones, and start 4 more photo period seeds in a few days.

I have one more of these cheap lights.

And that is how my new veg space in progress came to be.


I can see light coming from under your door. That means light can get in if room is left in the same condition.


Are you able to ventilate that room?

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Have you been able to grow anything with that clone light…?
I have something that looks similar , but I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t even grow mold with it…:laughing::rofl::joy::grin::wink:
A friend gave it to me like 12 years ago and asked me to see if I could grow anything with it…lol
One look at it and I never even tried , I just couldn’t stop laughing… :+1::wink::grin:
First gen LED technology … :laughing::rofl::joy::upside_down_face::grin::wink:
I’m sure that @dbrn32 is going to laugh his a$$ off and $hit and fall into it when he sees this oldschool representation of an LED that I have… :upside_down_face::exploding_head::laughing::rofl::joy::grin:

@dbrn32 , now you see why I still have a hard time buying into LEDs… :rofl::joy::laughing::grin::exploding_head::upside_down_face::smirk::thinking:
I think it pulls 13 watts from the wall… :rofl::joy::laughing::grin::+1:
I only keep it around to laugh at my buddy whenever he stops by every 3 or so years , because it’s that danm funny… :grin::+1::wink:
Don’t forget , this is the future man , is what I was told… lol :laughing::joy::rofl::grin::wink::+1:


Ya, I don’t blame you. Would be difficult to get much done with that.

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I’ve got a p.o.s. like that too.

Growstar kept sending me crappy “returned” lights. I kept taking them hoping I’d get some useable drivers… I’ve never used this one. :joy:

I just plugged it in. It’s literally got a highlighted Roman numeral X, (hard to capture it, but it’s very noticeable in person).


@dbrn32 luckily, I only need to control light in my 2x4x5 tent in the room. My new budget veg and starting area will be 24 hours of light. The only real reason for the door with lock is so I can stay within the legal guidelines. If my operation were inspected, and not being run to the letter of the law, I could be in big doo doo. My home is in both a school zone, and a church zone. If I were doing it illegally, a jerk prosecutor could tack on maybe 20 years of minimum mandatory sentences for that. Because of where we bought our home, it’s a great, safe neighborhood

@Cannabian ventilation is very easy for me. I have even made a couple 6" holes for future ducting if I need it. There is even an old non used ash dump that I can change if I want to vent outside.

@peachfuzz yep, it’s a piece of dung, but I have another and a couple 2’ T5’s upstairs in a regular cheap greenhouse in the sunroom. I have 3 dwarf cherry tomatoes under one of the flat cheap ones. They have formed a canopy and are bursting with ripening tomatoes. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. They work well for regular garden plants and excellent for succulents, but I have never tried them for medicinal plants. I’m hoping two plus the t5’s will be good for starts. I could be wrong. I have been before.

@Drinkslinger now I gotta go check mine for weird patterns, just out of curiosity.


Hopefully I didn’t sound like a butt head… :grin:
I think that your t5’s would work much better… :wink:
I think that some of those LEDs are just gimmicks …
Love your setup and welcome to ilgm… :wink::+1:


@peachfuzz you didnt sound like a butthead, at all.
This pic is where my other cheap light is.

My wife and I are going to have fresh cherry tomatoes very soon.
This is where my T5’s are burning away.

And this is the tray that was under the light I just put in my budget veg space.

Yep, pansies flowering and tomatoes ripening during the coldest part of the year.
I just love growing everything.
Those lights wouldn’t grow any tight thick buds, but they are just fine for regular house and garden plants.
After I get some garden vegetable seed trays going, then I will be able to flood my new area with more light.
Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been lurking and wanted to join when I had something to share.


Speaking of something to share,
@Cannabian @Drinkslinger @peachfuzz @dbrn32

I have started sharing my rusty grow skills. I’m not sure how to put in a fancy link, yet, but its titled,

QueenCityB’s Somango, African Buzz, and Alasksan Purple grow journal 2020 (first journal)

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Are you sure that’s not incandescent? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lmao… :laughing::joy::rofl::grin:
@QueenCityB I’m no help with the tech side of things on this forum…
I’ve never added a link so I’m not sure , also make sure that the link doesn’t interfere with ilgm policy… :+1::wink:

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Thank you

My main tent is having a period of darkness. This old metal shelf has this going on.

That was the strongest of the little Alaskan Purples.
Its staying healthy in questionable conditions.

It’s next to the top of a plant that is begging for a real place to grow. I dont know what it is. I chopped the tops off of my African Buzz and my Somango plants and stuck em in dirt. I was going to stick them under T5 12/12 to sex them while I was still veging and training the main plants.

I was gonna label them, but then I got high.

I’m sure none of you have ever done that.:grin:

Its female. It showed hairs. Its grown when it wasnt supposed to. I’m gonna give it a home.

And those are definitely 2 of the next wave. I might get them a 3x3 in a few weeks and a light upgrade.

For now, they are where they can afford to be.

I am gonna try to get a rotation going.

I’m not allowed to have that much in my state, so I’m gonna have to try to harvest every couple months, but that’s a different rabbit hole.


I’m not really running with a plan right now.

But I decided to germinate more seeds.

I had 3 Nirvana AK48’s and one mystery free seed.

They are now sprouting. (Hopefully!)

I moved the other cheap light down here.

The Alaskan purple seems to be doing fine in here, for now.

My mystery clone is enjoying her new home, as well.

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