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Good Morning All,

I am planning to build outba simple grow room in my basement. I have a couple questions for everyone:

What would be the minimum room size for 3 photo plants?

I have an ok Mezhi light, but would look to upgrade to the quantum boards I keep reading about on here. I’m an avid DIYer so I would be looking for a recommendation on which one to buy…

Probably 9ft², or three square feet per plant, minimum.

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Agree with 3 sq. ft per plant. I’ve got a 2’x4’ room and 2 plants would be the most I could go. I feel like I’ll be pushing it with a 2 indica plants. I’ll need a SCROG. 2 probably just fine with sativas.

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Most lights are setup for the 4x2, so a 4x8 for 2 or 3 photo’s. My plants fill a 4x4 ea. You can add a 2x288 QB light for every 2x4 and wont need to buy all of your lights at one time.

You may want to go 5’x5" per plant for better air flow around the plant


You would want a 4x4 room with a ceiling as high as you can get. Ideally with a concrete floor with a drain in it.

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Perfect! I will measure my space and see what I can make fit. I can have my ceiling be about 8 feet high. What is the cost on the QB lights? Also for venting, can I have it vent through the filter and back into the tent to help keep it warmer in the winter? I would also have a passive fresh air intake as well…