Uncharted territory. 1st success at getting to 12/12 flower



This is my first time getting to flower stage with a female. The seed was unknown strain/gender.

3’ tall
16 days into flower
Using ILGM boosters as directed
Topped after 7th or 8th set of true leaves

How long typically for flower stage?
Stay at 12/12 lightning throughout flower?
What do you guys think the yield will be like?


Well there’s a bunch opinions on light schedules. Some leave it on 12/12, while others ( ktrees among others) believe that doing 12/12 first week or two then 13/11 a week then 14/10 to finish out. And from what I’ve heard it packs on more reisin the more dark period, because intense light degrades resin.


How long depends on strain, and if it’s sativa dominate it will take longer than India dominate


I’m 9 weeks in flower and I still have some time to go you should have great yields it’s a beautiful plant


Holy Moly! You’ve got something good going on there!!
And thanks, I’m thinking mine might have a decent yield.
Is this a Sativa strain?


I think I will try that. The more resin the better :grin:


Yeah, I thought I read that somewhere.
Because these seeds were just given to me I’m gonna guess and say more on the Indica side because the plant is shorter/bushier and the leaves are more on the broad, not skinny side.
It’d be nice to get an ounce but I’ll take whatever she gives me.


Very nice looks indica by the leaves what lighting you using


I’m using 3 cfl’s, 2700k each


Thought maybe I’d put up some pics of the final outcome.
Nearly an ounce and a half. First attempt and successful grow all the way through.


Great first harvest Man congratulations @Jpositive


Nice job . Some pretty buds . Remember to keep us informed on the taste after the cure .