Uncertain if its an Auto

Hello everyone so today i think i found an autoflower in my crop. All my other plants are in its 7 week Veg under 24 hour light. But there is only one plant that is showing hairs in places where the bud forms. Not sure if this is a sign of an autoflower??
What do i do ?
Leave this plant with the rest of the Veg? Or should/can i move to the 12/12 flowering room?

have a nice day everyone!

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Pics would help.alot to see if it is pisfils or whats going on. Sounds like it might possibly be an auto. Good luck if an auto u can leave there or just move to 12 12. Autos will grow under 24 hrs light without problems but why 24 hrs light at 7 weens in. Usually first 2 weeks of 24 hrs then 18 6 til u go to 12 12.


@KeystoneCops brought up this sweet point about pistils (and formation) and the difference between preflower and going into flower.

Pictures would help immensely though

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Okay uploading soon. Thanks for your help and information much appreciated . A little background on my knowledge of growing is very beginner level. This problem i brought up is the second batch. The same strain first batch was the same. The strain was GDP from a questionable vendor, however i also will post my other plants that are the same age as the problem plant. I say problem because you will see it was nuke burn. But… I give all plants the same nukes and… i stay below the recommended amount suggested by the instructions. I believe in less is more , i am probably wrong that’s why i now need to seek advice…
I hope you don’t crucify me to much lol… First picture shows another lady from the same crop this strain “Sky OG” came from IGLM and i think its doing well. Next one is the problem plant the strain “GDP” from a questionable vendor. Thanks for spending some time to help my issues.

@PurpNGold74 @Mark0427 @KeystoneCops

Sorry if the wording is confusing . In the picture is my not so good plant and the other is my healthy plant i think lol. My other 4 ladies are healthy like the first picture which is the Sky OG from IGLM.
Not sure to answer you mark on why 24hr lighting when its in its 7th week of veg. I need to fix that. My first harvest was okay the flower was pretty good i gotta say however it didn’t produce much. Only got 2oz per plant :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
but it still smoked good smelled great.
So in this pictures are my 2nd attempt to get more bud and maybe do a better job at growing.
All you guys help is awesome much Mahalo to you , have a good day .


@Mark0427 @KeystoneCops

Here is a closer pic of the problem. I think its an auto flower . i can take more pictures to see better angles if needed . thanks

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What does it matter if it is an autoflowering plant?

I wasn’t sure what to do with the auto flower or if it is an auto flower. The seeds i had ordered were all suppose to be feminized , i did not order auto flower. When i seen this plant with my other plants this plant was showing signs of flowering with more and more pistil popping up.
My guess was auto flower but wasnt sure to leave it with the Veg where it is now or put into the flowering tent to finish off the rest of the plants cycle? Big thanks for your time and help. Have a good day.

Photoperiod seeds (which you ordered) won’t flower unless they get more than X amount of dark hours per day (usually 12, some more or less). Autoflowering plants will flower under any light cycle, even 24 hours of daylight.

I have no reason to suspect this is an autoflowering plant, but it doesn’t matter if it is.

Does look to be flowering tho. So theres that lol