Unable to send mail

When I first joined, I was able to send mail to members. Since then I’ve noticed I’m unable to do so. I cant tell if I did something wrong, or if I’ve forgotten how. Can one of the Admin or Mentors please shed some light on the issue? Thanks.

They took away the private message option in the forum. I think it’s because of me, and I apologize for this. I was talking about other seed banks in the messages and the forum didn’t like it. I do sincerely apologize!

It sucks because I would really like to be able to communicate with some of you outside of the threads. It makes it harder to communicate without every member seeing it. Again, I’m sorry guys! But at the same time, I was ONLY giving answers to questions members had asked me. :v:


yeah…I guess these days you gotta take some risk and post your email for a few minutes so you can have a private conversation with somebody

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I was actually trying to email @latewood, for an update on the give away contest.

Are facebook links allowed? I have 4 contests, in 4 different facebook groups right now.

I’m guessing you can post it,…but then after the intended recipient gets it you should delete it… don’t want any creepy crawlies getting any of your personal information if it can be avoided…personal security and all.


I’m not really sure about that. I’ll ask him later tonight and I’ll let you know later to night.


Yea I know what you mean! :v:

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Alktay ikelay histay orfay ecretssay


lol, I prefer “The Dome of Silence”!
hold on, my shoe phone is ringing :mans_shoe::telephone_receiver:


NO Facebook links. Just post one of the piks you used on FB here, my friend :slight_smile:

Posting email addresses on the open forum is also prohibited due to security reasons. Once you post your email in public; Anyone on the web can do a “whois” search and find your IP address and eventually exactly where you live.

This site was not designed for members to visit or have private goings on; Although many of us have become friends and I know of actual home visits that have been occurring.

If members insist on posting private emails in an attempt to circumvent forum policy; We will be forced to suspend their accounts. We view posting of private emails as an attempt to solicit other members emails and possibly their identity.

Although I know some of you find this hard to understand; We are only protecting you from yourselves.

ILGM Administration

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You are showing your age, LOL Get Smart! Right?

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haha iglatinpay