Unable to get in contact with order support

hi thought I’d try posting here to get advice or even a response from support regarding my order not arriving after 4.5 weeks. have tried 3 separate times to email order support address supplied but not a single response just adverts and promotions from ILGM. a little dissapointed by the lack of care shown, have missed my ideal grow window due to the delay and have no idea when or if I will ever get my seeds. please help me understand what im doing wrong…atm I cant see anything being my fault, I just want what I paid for.

Can you add your order number? I’ll tag @ILGM.Stacy to see if she can help.

Also rather than emailing support , try replying to any emails you recieved I get a answer faster that way.

Emailing support, would have better results than posting in the forum.

Thanks for your help

Have tried 3 times

Done that on attempt number 2

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Hey Jules, I’m sorry to hear you are not receiving our email replies! :frowning:
Did you check your spam folder?

I’m reaching out to you via PM so I can help you out right away.


awesome thank you so much. not sure what the email issue is. any help would be appreciated, yeah nothing in spam either