Um wtf did i do.........sugar leaves wilting

hey all hope all re doing well. i suddenly realised that my strong sugar leaves are now wilted. they arent crispy and the soil is moist but not wet. they are green crack clones in flower for just under 2 mts. they were growing like wild fire and all of a sudden they started to wilt. also ever time i water them wether it be with food or not they would droop like they need water then 4 5 hrs latter they would be fine…idk if related or not. im in a room temp is 80/78 and humidity is at 38%. good circulation.

im watering every 3 days and the ph is 6.5 in and ppm of 1600 and runoff is ph 7.0 ppm 600. other than that they were fine healthy…the only thing that ws done wrong was she was a little over pruned. but that is the buds…right…

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Yes, they do sometimes droop after being watered because the leaves are filling up with water and become heavy, but it’s nothing to worry about. She looks great.

Your Ph is a little high though.

Yep. Get that pH to 6.5 and you’ll have everything dialed in. They look nice!!

hey thank you guys…i went on a rampage trimming n knocked a lotta but sites n i thought i shocked her…but its been a min since i trimmed them…but this is my second grow. i really appriciate the advice n kind words. but um can i put in water at 5.5 to get it out at 6.5…and sorry i forgot to tell u im in regular soil…so it always keeps me at around 1.0 buffer…coco better?

What kind of light are you using and how close are the tops to the light source? Looks like heat stress on the tops and not a ph issue to me.

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i thought so too…but the light is about a foot above and i can hold my hamd 6 in above them and i feel fine leaving it there for a while. im using a 1000w hps …but the smaller girl is right up against the light and she looks great…but tomorrow ima gonna raise the light a bit more just in case. thank you for your input my froiend

Yes, you should definitely raise the light. That’s pretty close for an HPS which gives off a lot of heat.

Just noticed you’re in NYC. I’m in Manhattan.

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The second you saturate the soil with water it lowers the oxygen level at the roots and causes leaves to drop temporarily, no biggie.

I agree


It is not just the heat that does that. It is also the light intensity that is coming off a HPS bulb up close that will damage the plants. If you have limited space I would suggest looking into LEDs. They run cooler, cost less to run, and last much longer than HPS and MH lights.


I agree, your light is probably too close. And if your ph is 6.5 and 7 out your root zone is probably trending higher than that. Don’t go as low as 5.5 though. Let pot dry out and give a healthy watering to like 15-20% runoff at like 6-6.2 ph and see where the runoff is.


I agree with the folks here
On watering and the ph of run off drop water in a few point to say 6.3-.6-2 and check run off next watering that should adjust you soil ph to exceptable range 6.8 being at the high end of the scale
Your only a few points off so adjusting shouldn’t be hard

And 12 inches with a 1000watt hps is a little close especially if its not on a light mover
Hold your hand above tallest cola
hold your hand there for 5 minuets if it to hot for your hand the girls wont like it either 18 inches is probably a better number with that light


hey raustin peace and love …brooklyn here moved out…miss it horrably. na im kidding yea i got the light waaaaaay up there last night they had a growing spurt…lol thanks for your imput man peace


y yes i do saturate…that makes perfict sense…conserve till reserves build up again. and yea i raised the light up so now i know… cool man thank you peace

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thank you Countryboyjvd1971! appriciate the feed back sir