Ultrasonic Humidifier

Hi all, can you please let me know which humidifiers you are using. I’ve been researching and am confused.
Thanks in advance

If you use a ultrasonic humidifier you need to use distilled water if possible. If you use tap water it will cause white film to build up on everything including your plants. If you go with a evaporative style you will need to buy replacement filters. I have a 4x8 tent and have a whole house humidifier. The smaller ones just wouldn’t keep rh levels high enough. Here’s the model I use in tent.

I also have a couple of smaller ones that I used in 4x4 tent.

Thanks for that advice. I have about the same size as you do. I’ll order the Aircare now. I’ve also ordered an Inkbird controller for it.
How often to you have to refill it, & I’m assuming from what you’ve said you can use tap water.

Shit, they don’t sell em in Australia.

During the summer not often, Every few days or so. During the winter every day, with heat running in the house. I would recommend you get some bacteria killer for it. When I first started using humidifier it would get a lot of bacteria built up. I bought some at Walmart. It will also help keep from having to change filters as often.