Ultrasonic Coolmist vs Warm Mist Humidifier

Which does everyone use and what improvement do they see with them?
I started with a $15 Vicks Warm Mist humidifier in my 4x4x7 tent and was able to get my RH up to 47% with it. I decided to try an Ultrasonic Coolmist humidifier to see if I could hit 55-60%, but even on full blast I am only getting 42% with it. I can see the Ultrasonic pushing out a crap ton of fog over my plants where the hygrometer is sitting and read that the Ultrasonics are more efficient but…
Does anyone think it may have to do with how long they take to humidify the air? I can turn my exhaust fan down to help the Ultrasonic increase but then I am worried about lower air exchange rates.
Thoughts on either anyone?

I like my ultrasonic it actually lowers the temp somewhat in the room meaning I don’t have to run my exhaust as fast they do require a thorough cleaning from time to time. Warm mist raises temps so not ideal for my needs

That’s what I have noticed as well. Dropped my temps from 78 to 75.

yup. i use ultrasonic in veg room and it helps to manage temps for sure.

All the above are good points.

Something else to keep in mind, the warm mist humidifiers actually boil the water, and therefore sterilize things.

Some people claim the ultrasonic cool mist can spread mold and such and cause problems like powdery mildew or bud rot. Just keep this in mind and make sure the cool mist ones are kept very clean, maybe even a little of H2O2 or maybe even a drop bleach in them to keep mold and bacteria from growing in them and being spread around by the ultrasonic mist.



I clean mine weekly and add H2O2 every 3rd day just for that reason :slightly_smiling:
I do prefer the warm mist but require the use of both to keep my humidity up high enough unfortunately. It does work out in the end though because it balances the temps out lol

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