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Hello all.

First time attempting to grow here outdoors in the UK with some dodgy weather I wasn’t sure how it would go but the plants were looking good. Just recently I have the same issue as one of the posts earlier. It looks like bug damage and is only affecting newer growth, there are yellow holes which definitely look like something eating them but using a 40x magnifier I can’t see anything. Previous posts seem to lose track a bit so I’m not sure if it was set ever solved or I may have missed it.

A couple of under leaf photos. I’m going to buy some neem oil and spray them but would be good to know what I’m fighting with :smile:


Did they maybe get sprinkled before the sun got to them

Can you buy Captain Jacks Dead Bug in the UK?

I’ve just looked for it on Amazon but it’s not available it seems

@Allinherhead are you thinking maybe sun damage? We did have a bit of rain but not sure if it was around the time this started happening, possible though

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We’ve been having a lot of rain and when it stops I give them a lil shake so when the sun comes out they maybe don’t get burnt. When I zoom in on your pic it looks like sun water droplet burn

That is bug damage.


Brand names probably different than what’s available in States, look for spinosad.


Hello @Uknew and welcome to the forum. I agree with mrpeat, that looks like bug damage, possibly caterpillar. You need to check under every single leaf. You can definitely buy spinosad here for sure.

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Get a good bug spray, or neem oil. Bugs can ruin all your efforts… so don’t be afraid to use a spray during veg stage… treating more often early, then nothing during flower if possible… sometimes late season spider mites will ruin your season… good luck gardening!


Could be caterpillars. I’ve been dealing with them, they can do a lot of damage to the leaves.

Not sure if you can get these in the uk, but here’s what I’d use for caterpillars.

BT- Bacillus Thuringiensis

Damage looks similar to mine

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Thanks for the tips, I’ll look for that tomorrow and get it ordered.

I’ve checked and can’t find any catelillars but I’ll get a spay anyway to be safe


@Uknew I use “Sevin”…have been told to be careful with it. Use gloves. But I mix it directly into the nutes I’m using and it seems to keep everything away…will use milk and water for just bout everything else

Hi Everyone, just thought I’d send a little update. I never did get to the bottom of this, I got some neem oil and sprayed it and looked everything over, still get some small holes but no sign of bugs.

They have looked pretty healthy up to now apart from the holes but I remove these if it gets too much and have just started to move into flower.

I have a bit of yellowing happening but not all over and only on a couple of leaves.

I top dressed it and wondered if it was nutrient burn but there isn’t much damage, maybe 4 or 5 leaves on both plants.

I’m wondering if it was potassium deficiency looking at the pattern but I’m flushing with normal water as a precaution.

I’ve sdde a couple of photos, just hoping for a warm September now

What are your thoughts?



Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Careful with neem in flower!

This year I was lucky enough to get by not need any major forms of pest treatments…it looks like your doing just fine as well!

Hope your fall weather cooperates!

Thanks, I will be careful. I used it last just before it started to flower so I’m hoping I won’t need anymore.
Just need a good end to summer and start of fall.