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These 3 are just cuttinhs i didnt expect to do anything . we are at about 15.5 hours of ligh a lot of indirect light and losing 3 mins a day so these are gonna stretch yet. The little3 one ok with but bigger two come flower time will be double. Strangely i throw my used coco in my garden so there mist be a thin layer of coco so must be into the soil. Ive hardly fed em. Only on a dry week. Uk doesnt get many. Any advice in general and height control. What i could or doing. And more
Cheers guys


Anchor some nylon rope to the bricks or put some anchor pins by them. Then, bend the larger branches at 90° and tie them down. Pinch where you want the bend, and massage until you feel the inside “snap”, but do so without ripping and breaking the outside. Think of bending a McDonald’s straw, still in the wrapper, and not breaking the wrapper. Tie down your branches and you have effectively super cropped. Stronger branches, shorter plants.


Hey @Damo ,
Start now by tying down those stems to keep it low.
Pull them gently down and tie them off and over the next several days pull them even farther down if you can. Pruning will cause it to produce more secondary growth which will make it thicker and denser like a hedge. Staking it down should keep it lower but wider.
Pull these down


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thanks guys . i was topping em to keep it low. Just gonna have loads of colas. What a bummer